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4 Hacks to Improve Your Business

Grow your business in today’s competitive market

4 Hacks to Improve Your Business

Tuesday November 27, 2018,

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Sustaining a business is a hard task to do but it’s even harder to grow your business in today’s competitive market. That is why as business owners, you need to constantly work on improving your business whichever way possible.

Improvements can be in better hires, advanced technology, tasks, and routines. For starters, find out what’s been working for you and emphasize on that.

Whether its sales techniques, marketing tools, or remote operations, there are multiple ways you can grow your business. We’ve gathered what we think are the 4 most important hacks to improving your business.

If you nail these points, your business will significantly show improvement.  

How to improve your business?

Automate Business Operations:

There are many business solutions offered to facilitate business operations and create a smoother workflow.

Some are even tailored to small businesses and startups. As we dig deeper into technology and all its possibilities, business are starting to automate their operations.

Whether it’s accounting, marketing, sales, or even the mailroom, it can be automated, giving your employees valuable time to focus on other tasks that require their attention.

You can find cloud-based tools that will not only make things easier and save time, but it will add to your productivity and even your revenue.

For example, with the right CRM or sales tool, you can track all customer interactions and filter lead sales, highlighting your star customers.

With a virtual mailroom, you get all business postal mail online and can access it through your phone or web browser. All you need to do is log into your mailbox and choose how you want the mail piece handled. You can forward, shred, archive, download, or open it.

Other solutions include an accounting solution with features like invoicing or payroll; create automated invoices for more accuracy and to avoid overspending.

Business automation is essential for future improvement and growth. Some tools you can start looking into include:

Project Management:

A project management tool is not only a time-saving solution; it encourages collaboration between your teams and assures each project is managed in an organized and efficient manner.

Instead of having an employee go through their computer for files or call a colleague for help, they can collaborate together in one

centralized platform. A tool like Slack allows all of the teams to clearly communicate together and saves all conversation if needed later. 

With project management software, you’d be able to assign tasks, set deadlines, add attachments, leave comments, and much more.

The best part about it, you get to remotely supervise all your projects and ensure everything is getting done. In order to

improve your business, you need a place where your employees can follow up on their tasks, collaborate with other employees, and get work done, all within the deadlines. 

Effective, Short Meetings:

A huge time waster that businesses are starting to pick up on is useless meetings that are dragged for too long.

If you’re using the right business tools, most of the questions you’d usually have for a meeting are addressed through automated software whether they’re about analytics, sales forecast, budget setting, marketing strategies, or anything else.

Entrepreneur states that US companies waste an average of $37 billion per year on useless meetings. You should limit your meetings to at least one meeting per week that shouldn’t last more than 30 minutes.

Ensure you hold an effective meeting by preparing a clear agenda with your topics and questions.   

Better Time Management:

Besides keeping your meetings short and using automated tools, using time tracking software ensures your employees get to work on time and track their breaks.

Priority magazine stated that US companies lose between $200-$300 billion a year because of absenteeism, tardiness, an employee’s compensation claim, and more.

With time tracking software, you’ll be able to supervise your employees remotely, tracking when they clock-in, clock-out, take breaks, work overtime, and add any manual hours. But how do you know an employee is actually working and not just

sitting there doing nothing?

Some software solutions have features that verify working hours. For example, there is a shift notes option allowing employees to

create a sort of report with their work. Another feature may be taking random screenshots of the employee’s screen during working.

When your employees feel like their time is being calculated and their breaks observed, procrastinating on tasks will be harder to do. The amount of productivity that could be done with better time management is a big factor in improving your



These 4 hacks work hand-in-hand to help create a better work environment and productivity, building a stronger foundation for business growth.

By using the right tools and efficiently managing your time and resources, you’ll notice a significant difference in your business.