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4 Reasons to Adopt e-Signatures for Thriving in Business in 2019

4 Reasons to Adopt e-Signatures for Thriving in Business in 2019

Monday February 11, 2019,

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e-signatures for business

e-signatures for business

In 2019, electronic documents are seen to slowly replace paper ones in businesses, particularly in the tech industry. And even though many offices still stick to print hundreds of pages of documents, many of these companies are beginning to adopt digitalization of their paperwork. This move includes the use of e-signatures for business transactions and other purposes.

What can an e-signature do for you?

As the name suggests, e-signature refers to an electronic symbol, usually your handwritten signature in a digital form used in agreeing or binding yourself to the contents of the electronic document. On another note, e-signatures differs from a digital signature, which proves the authenticity of an e-signed document.

With the use of the latest electronic signature software, you can affix your signature on digital documents without having to print them out on paper. This practice now has the same legal status as a handwritten signature in the U.S., the European Union, and many other countries.

But why should you invest in signature software online or offline if you can retain the traditional way of signing papers? Here are four reasons that may convince you to use an e-signature solution in 2019:

  • Enhanced security:

Let's face it; we are already living in the digital age. Other companies still already using e-documents, not only because it is the current practice but also for security. Digital documents often have security features that cannot be done to their traditional paper counterparts. Aside from having a secure electronic signature, most online documents had encrypted data that can be traced to find out the people signed the document as well as when and where they signed it. What's more, with the aid of modern technologies like cloud storage, the risk of losing, misplacing or destroying documents is significantly reduced.

  • Reduced Cost:

Printing and storing paper documents is costly. One study revealed that an average worker prints 34 pages a day. What if you are running a huge company that requires tons of paperwork? Think about the cost of paper, ink, filing cabinets and other materials you will use for your office paperwork. In contrast, electronic documents only require computers and other devices for producing and storing them. And with the latest software for attaching offline or online digital signatures and e-signatures for enterprises, you no longer need to sign or seal multiple times.

  • Improves Efficiency and Productivity:

Electronic technology also allows office workers to streamline their work processes. Executives, managers and even rank-and-file employees often consume minutes in signing a document. Imagine the lost time and opportunity you could have made, not to mention the muscle strain, just by affixing their signatures. By using DocuSign and other e-signature software, you no longer waste too much time and effort for this task.

  • Make Your Office Eco-Friendly:

In 2019, expect that more and more businesses are getting more conscious in preserving the environment. Consider the impact that daily printing of documents makes on the global ecosystem. Every year, paper manufacturers cut down millions of trees just for printing documents for signing. Also, to produce merely one sheet of A4 paper, manufacturers use around ten liters of water. Worse, paper products comprise almost half of all waste from offices. By using electronic signatures, offices can contribute to the global drive to preserve the environment.

Make transitioning to a paperless and digitalized office your priority in 2019. Invest in the latest electronic signature software now for a more efficient and productive business in the years to come.