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4 Skill Sets to Look Out Before You Hire Asp.Net Developers

Wednesday October 31, 2018,

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Current Market Scenario of Hire Asp.Net Developers:

The ever-expanding technology has opened multiple career opportunities for youth which was quite negligible before. With technology spreading its wings in almost every industry, on one hand, a number of tools are being introduced to reduce ASP.Net developers efforts while on the other hand opportunities to work with these tool-sets are also broadened.

Along with the prominent technologies like Android and iOS, ASP.Net MVC Development Company is also gaining traction in the market. The introduction of various toolsets and IDE brings in heaps of opportunities for dot net developers to explore more.Net framework features and potentials that help them to develop a rich and scalable mobile solution. Well, development of robust and scalable solution demands rich and extensive development experience along with strong exposure to work on various tools, languages, technologies, and frameworks. Hiring someone who just clicks and updates data inside the database is not the one holding keen development experience. So, now the question arises over here is;

How to Hire Dot Net Programmer? What Skill-Sets Do We Need To Look Into While Hiring Asp.Net Developers India?

Well, hiring aps.net developer India needs to screen out multiple things. An ASP.NET developer is someone who creates the application, builds codes to connect with the application, prepares a policy to run the applications, designs multiple app systems & detect various bugs and solves them. Apart from that, he must have mentioned qualities:

  1. ASP.NET MVC Knowledge:

ASP.NET developers should hold skills of ASP.NET MVC (Model View Controller) using which they can build secure, fast and scalable web applications. It’s quite simple to use and is built on robust 3 tier architecture. That’s the reason ASP.NET MVC is progressing in the web market and is replacing the traditional C# development. While hiring ASP.NET developers make sure they are well-versed with MVC architecture.

  1. Client Side Technology Know-Hows:

Knowledge of client-side web development technologies like HTML, CSS, and Javascript, jQuery and Bootstrap are necessary for an ASP.NET developer. It will aid developers to build a robust, secure and interactive website in a quick manner. Make sure that apart from the core knowledge, developers have on hand experience in client-side technologies too.

  1. Database Knowledge:

Along with having a deep understanding of Microsoft SQL database, developers should also be aware of the emerging technologies like NoSQL. Ensure that the developers you hire are not rigid with a single database. They should be versatile in order to stay ahead of competitors in the market. Enhanced database knowledge helps developers to work closely with administration, optimization, and analysis.

  1. Understanding of OOP:

Well, the concept of OOP (object-oriented programming) is a basic skill for even a fresher. If a developer does not have the knowledge of OOP, he is undoubtedly not fit to get Hire ASP.NET developers. Ensure that the developer is clear with basic OOPS concepts like inheritance, generalization, composition, and dependency that help them to develop complex applications within a given timeline.

Apart from this, developers should also hold proficiency in C# language and should have a knack for analytic thinking. Don’t just hire developers by his resume. There is a huge difference between theoretical knowledge and practical expertise. Judge him by his portfolio and examples. Concetto Labs team of best ASP.NET developers that can surely assist you to develop a secure and top-notch application for your business.


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