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When you arrive at Toronto Pearson International Airport...

Monday February 20, 2017,

3 min Read

It is always good to be prepared for everything in advance. For departure from Toronto Pearson Airport, you must keep certain things in mind and plan accordingly.

In this article, we tell you everything that you need to know regarding various departure procedures.

● Airport Parking.

There are facilities for online booking of a parking spot near airport. You can book one in advance. Make use of Toronto Pearson’s online parking reservation system. Parking fares may vary depending upon the spot you pick. For example, Premium Valet parking is definitely a bit costly than daily parking option. You can explore other free options like free parking at Cell phone lot or using reserved parking at Viscount Station parking followed by boarding fast and free Terminal Link train to Terminal 1 & 3.

To make things easy, you can simply call an airport transportation service. YYZ Airport limousine and taxicab service provides premium airport taxicab service for Toronto Pearson Airport at affordable price, from anywhere in GTA.

● Security checks.

Properly check your Terminal number and level for departure which may vary for domestic and International flights. For the same, download Terminal maps from official website of Toronto Pearson Airport.

Also, check the waiting time at each terminal which is no more than 5 minutes at the most. This wait time is excluding the actual security checks at the airport. when you reach your terminal, at your turn, you have to check in for your flight and drop your baggage at the air carrier counter. Then you and your carry on baggage have to go through a screening process. If you are boarding U.S. flights, you will be going through Customs as well. After all this you reach your boarding gate.

● Boarding gates.

You get your boarding pass printed before your security check starts. If you are boarding multiple flights, get them all printed at once. After security clearance, you need to repack your carryon baggage and put on your shoes. Locate your correct terminal and boarding gate mentioned on your boarding pass or on flight monitors.

● While waiting.

If you have arrived earlier than it is a good thing.

You have the terminal map with you. Locate restaurants, gift shops or duty free shops, lounge and shopping areas to utilize the spare time. So many things you can do while waiting. You can grab a quick bite, read a book at lounge, make a quick check of your social media feeds using the free wifi, shop for cosmetic and accessories or just plug in your headphones and listen to music.

Finally, it's time to board your flight. Don’t miss out on announcement. Double check if you've taken everything and you are ready to go. Bon voyage.

If you have arrived at Toronto Pearson International Airport, trust YYZ Airport Taxi for ground transportation. We offer flat rates for a comfortable ride and make sure that you reach your destination in the fastest way possible.

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