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Ways to attract the best talent to your startup

Ways to attract the best talent to your startup

Friday June 15, 2018,

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In the opening of any startup, the major goal that stands in front of the startup founder is to attract the best talent. To attract the best talent is not an easy task; even it’s harder for the young companies to hire the right employee for their business startup. The hiring of the wrong entrant can probably break your startup plan. Thus, it’s more important to take the right decision carefully and invest your best to hire the top talent. For your ease below are some key ways to attract the best-talented employees:


Makeup your Company with mission & vision

In the first day of the startup, you may don’t have a fat financial backup to present high salaries to your employees. In order to attract the top talent, you may have to offer some unique that big companies may not. You have to convince the right talent to join and work with you, as an entrepreneur you need to define your company goals and vision that thrills them. Being a founder, discuss and share the long-term vision with your employees and introduce your company in a professional way. As in return, you also admired such applicants which are equally excited about your company as you are.

Focus on work culture & environment

Most applicants who are looking for the job always seek the great place to work to feel calm and glad instead of working with the stuffy and haughty boss. Therefore, you need to focus your key eye on creating and maintaining a classic working culture where the employees feel happy to work.

While taking an interview, make the applicant comfortable and discuss your firm working culture, management style & environment. Try to showcase the candidate your company is a great place to work where all employees are equally valued for their work and contributions.

Think to hire remote employees

Sometimes you don’t get what you actually found for your company in the local areas therefore, you need to consider the remote employees. There are thousands of applicants easily available in the remote areas that are looking for the job opportunity – you can invite them for an interview as the world is full of talented people to choose from. At present remote working is on peak and much effective. In case remote employees not sound good preference for your startup business, possibly you can manage flexible working settlements, like three days working at the office and two days from home to attract the best applicant to join your company.

Being a co-founder of startup Fly Media , I read 4-5 books, read many articles in different website finds our valid tips for hiring good talent for a startup.

Below are some tips which helped the startups to attract a talented staff:

Avoid Hiring Friends (T&C)

Real fact actually, I observed this my own company also. In most of the startup, this has been surveyed that founders of the company hire their friends or family members because they know them. That in return makes the company in loss or poor performance. Therefore, it’s better to understand first is your known ones are capable for the role in your company if yes, and then you can hire them. Otherwise, it will ruin your startup badly in new months from the beginning.

Moreover, there is one other disadvantage of hiring friends you can’t fire them when you are not finding them beneficial for the company. In return, it will cause snags in your relation both professionally and personally.

Focus on building the brand name from day one

Today people are more aware of jobs and companies that’s why they prefer to work with such companies which having name value or brand value in the market. Everyone wants to take their career one level up with potential opportunities with a well-known company. Therefore, it’s significant to focus on building the brand name of the company in the market, social media, sponsor events, business meetup and display your work to the people to join and work with you.

Assign challenging projects

People who are talented always looking for the challenging projects as they don’t want to invest their time on boring projects. Assign them some challenging project, ambitious goals, targets and they will complete the challenge and reward them in the last for achieving that target.

Offer a decent salary package

During startup of the company you have to cover all aspects & the most important is the hiring of the best talent for your team. Therefore, to make the talent stay you must need to offer decent salary packages that make them stable in your company.

Here decent salary doesn’t mean you offer very high packages, but it should be as per the market standards. Within a specific interval of time slot boost the employee morale by making increment in their salary that will reflect company taking care of their employees.

Promote your company online

The online platform becomes the easiest path to reach directly with the people in the world. You can talk about your company website or run a blog, do guest posting on specific sites. Try to join the discussion online and share your services and strategy of your company. Write about the motivation or achievement you received. Potential people will figure out your notes and many of them want to be the part of your team.

Join events and speak up

To expand the company network join the business events & gathering and deliver your thoughts by speaking at a meetup. Introduce yourself and your company between the other entrepreneurs and founders of companies. This will in return help you to create a wide network across the world. Just keep on speaking and expand your hunt to get the best output for your company.