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Mobile Application Development Trends in 2017

Friday December 02, 2016,

4 min Read

Mobile app development will continue to dominate the technology space in 2017. Mobile application product development companies would focus more on the solution aspect and utilizing the power of mobile technology to solve the real-time problems more and more.

Following are some of the major trends are going to make mark in 2017:

Secure UPI payment and Wallet Applications:

If we talk about the Indian subcontinent, it is going to be a next big thing and it will change the Indian market following the major demonetization steps taken by Indian government and encouraging cashless society. 90% of Indian population depending on cash transactions are going to move to this cashless revolution. This will increase the need of secure UPI payment, wallet and mobile payment solutions. Major financial institutions have already started working towards this. Major businesses were accepting the credit/debit cards and online payments but small businesses were depending on the cash flow mainly and this is going to be a big change for them. The cheapest way for such businesses can be a smartphone based payment solution that allows them to send and receive payment instantly from their customers and vendors.

Not just in Indian context, this is going to be the major area which has a lot of scope to introduce more secure payment interfaces.

IoT Based Mobile Applications Will Gain More Attention:

With the popularity of IoT solutions, IoT is incomplete without the mobile devices. Mobile applications are going to play a major role in success of the IoT and live implementation for different business cases. Mobile devices are getting more and more advanced with the new embedded sensors for different operations and mobile application are going to utilize this power to make this technology more adaptable to the masses.

Cloud Technology With Mobile Applications Will Be Next Big Thing:

Forget about the traditional SOA architecture. Now the distributed systems are more loosely coupled and can do much more than the previously known services. Custom webservices/API based systems are going to be replaced by the cloud services that acts as the “backend as a service (BaaS)”. Mobile applications are going to be utilizing the cloud backend.

iBeacon & Eddystone Based Mobile Applications:

iBeacon technology though launched long ago by Apple is still in process of implementation and finding its usage in various new and unique business cases. This technology works in conjunction with the mobile applications and provides the unique proximity experiences to the users for different business cases, right from the proximity marketing for malls, stores, informative usage in museums, study, assisting the most out of this. This is going to gain more popularity since still it is not being fully implemented the way it has to be.

Mobile App Security:

With the increased instances of hacking, fishing and breaking into the mobile applications, this is going to be a very critical aspect mainly for the social and enterprise applications which are more prone to attacks to steal personal data. Data security is going to be prime focus for the app developers as well as the owners to minimize risk of information and data leakage. More secure authentication mechanisms, encryption of the data over the air will needed for a controlled and secure mobile app functionality.

Enterprise Applications Will Be Growing:

Mobile applications with their on the go nature can drive efficiency and growth to any business if utilized wisely. More and more development firms will be focusing on development of the mobile application that helps the enterprise workforce manage their day to day business efficiently. Mobility is a key business initiative making businesses more flexible for their customers.

Mobile Application Analytics Attached With Data Science & BigData:

Mobile applications are all about the user interface, user experience, ease of use and personalization. Data Scientists and BigData analytics will be helping organizations to integrate these technologies with their mobile applications and gain more advanced analytics data and automate the factors that helps in the growth of business by directly enhancing the consumer experience. Data generated by mobile applications are going to be utilized by these technology to create plugins that can connect with mobile applications and generate more personalized features, recommendations and gain customer attention by predicting various things that mobile application user wants.

Mobile Apps Will Connect More With Wearables:

Be it a smartwatch, iwatch or any other wearable devices. Mobile Applications will be enhancing the user experience in a more innovative way. These smart wearable devices has gained a lot of popularity in recent years and this is going to be continued with more and more device manufacturers working on innovative wearable devices that will work in conjunction with the mobile applications.