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How to create a website for your brand and make it go viral?

How to create a website for your brand and make it go viral?

Tuesday July 03, 2018,

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Technology is phenomenally reshaping the business landscape as the Internet offers endless opportunities for the enterprises whether big or small to grow and increase their customer outreach. These endless opportunities are easy, quick and inexpensive that helps a business smoothly go digital. As per the report published by the U.S. Census Bureau, "U.S. retail eCommerce sales for the first quarter of 2018, adjusted for seasonal variation, but not for price changes, was $123 billion, an increase of 3.9 percent from the fourth quarter of 2017."

While there are different ways to make money online, becoming a social influencer or creating ads for sales of your physical store, or then an entirely new idea. Aren't things pretty attractive? Yet it is tricky to start!

It might be that you view the popularity of your brick-and-mortar store as equally as of your new online store. But you are totally overrating your new venture on the web. Your product might be a sell great offline but alluring and influencing your new customers on the web to buy the same requires a strong and effective online presence.

So, what does it require to create a stunning website – visually pleasing & functionally effective? The blog covers the three prime aspects of going online for your brick-and-mortar store - website development, building your brand identity on a social media, and how to list out your email recipients. The three things we feature here, might not build your online empire quickly but is promising to give your venture on the web a kickstart.

Building a website 

For the ones who are not tech-savvy, building a website seems like a task of climbing Everest. But everyone doesn't need to be Mark Zuckerberg. With website builders like WordPress and Squarespace thing are pretty cool, quick and easy. 

Also, the key to creating a website that sells is to keep it simple. For many people a simple website is boring and keeping it fancy adorned with lots of animation makes it amazing. But it isn't so the minimal it is, the more influencing it is. Keeping it simple keeps it consistent. Also, a simple website is easily readable, so your content clearly and significantly conveys what it needs to. 

Features and animation do make a website look eye-pleasing but what if it takes too long to load. A website as visitor expects should load in 2 to 3 seconds, or else they abandon your website. And this is extremely important to note when creating an eCommerce website as shopping cart abandon is one of the prime factors that accounts for companies losing customers. Recollecting what it takes for a good structure of a website, here are the few points below,

* Stunningly simple and quickly loading webpage

* Content in forms of blogs which regularly updates your website

* Simple, easy check-outs to lessen the probability of losing a customer

Building brand identity on a social media platform 

If you read the above line carefully, notice that it is 'a social media', not all the social media platforms. Being a small team, hiring a team to manage your business on the social media platforms can go beyond your budget expenses. Also, at the beginning trying to be a scorer on all the social media platforms will end up in disappointment for your business. 

Rather focus and filter out the considerations you need to have before beginning your social media game. See which platform can be the most beneficial to your brand, or the platform where most of your target audience is present. A lot of businesses see Twitter as their brand promoting and building platform, however only a few of them has their target audience on it. For any business, branding on social media involves two important factors:


Your first tweet or first post or the first video or image will not help you catch millions of attentions on the social media platform but be consistent with your postings on these platforms. It will help you gain users and recognition over a time-period. 

To stay relevant on social media is to post consistently. One of your postings might reach to a significant number of visitors, and one even didn't reach five. Irrespective of what variations you found in result stick to post consistently.


The way how your brand communicates on the social media with the user matter a lot. If a user reaches out to your brand regarding any query or complaint, the way you put up a solution and resolve makes a great sense. This is the peak moment to secure your customers and make the best of your branding efforts on social media.

Listing out email recipients 

Though laws like GDPR are now effective for the web security concerns of the users, email marketing still is a great tactic to build your prospect list and increase the chances of conversion. Yet it is first required to have the right list of users whom you should be mailing for your brand campaigning.

* Get some reward points for your users when they share your content on social media platforms. Give a motivation of incentives or rewards to your visitors so that they subscribe your mailing list.

* For blogs, you should always involve the source of any data you include. This not only helps to validate the content you put on the blog but also gets you a source of making some new visitors.


Simplicity is the key to everything – whether you are creating a web page that converts or doing branding of your business on a social media platform or then listing out your email receivers. Being minimal, consistent and relevant is all that require in the long run to have a business website that converts and sells. A website should help your business scale and sales grow if it is unsuccessful in that consider having responsive web design services and get your website redesign.

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