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Students, Now Get Solution To 5 Commonly Faced Problems

Students, Now Get Solution To 5 Commonly Faced Problems

Friday November 10, 2017,

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If you have just completed your higher secondary school and you are somewhat nervous that how your new life is going to be, then this article is for you. You might be thinking about how interesting or difficult would be the new chapter of your life. It is natural to have some problems when you jump to a life totally different from your school days. We are not saying that the new path is going to be full of thorns but some pebbles will be there to make you a stronger person.

Have a look at the problems which might come in your way and you can solve them with the solutions provided - 

1. Adjustment problems-

If you are an introvert or you find it difficult to get mix up with others then, without any doubt, living the hostel life, making new network and groups of friends is going to be a challenging task for you. For many, the transition from one lifestyle to the other is not their cup of tea. You might get stressed out and feel anxious, especially in the initial period and the memories of the time spent well with your loved ones might dominate you. Such feelings deprive you of the new experiences and opportunities which life throw at your way.

Way out:

• Do not rush. Buy yourself some time, sit back and relax.

• Confrontation of such feelings is not what you should blame yourself for. If this is the first time you are away from your home, then missing your family and old friends might get miserable.

• Try to get comfortable with your roommate. Commence a conversation by asking about school life and the place from where he/she belongs.

• Ask your teacher to organize some sort of introduction ceremony in the classroom so that you can get to know about others. It can have another major advantage as well, if one of your classmates belongs to your hometown then what else you can ask for.

• Plan a home visit as soon as you get time.

2. Struggle with mess’s food-

Lack of desired food is the most commonly faced problem. Spicy food might be favorite of many and several students like bland food on their plates, but, in hostels you rarely get the food you want.

Way out:

• Find the nearest tiffin service provider and try the food. If you like it, then your problem is solved.

• Try some hygienic food stalls. You can also convert the refreshing period to chit-chat sessions by visiting the food corners with your friends.

3. Difficulty in developing study habits-

When you know that your mom is not there to interrupt in between your gaming sessions and nobody will ask you to study and complete the assigned homework, then you start taking things easily. Your studies are affected the most along with your health. You do not pay the required attention to your study and hence perform poorly.

Way out:

To avoid all this to happen, make a proper schedule of everything you do. In the beginning, it might be a challenging task but, you must plan your day accordingly. Students have a lot of time when they reside, so, time management skills and utilizing it properly should be learnt. Enjoyment with friends is also a part of hostel life, but, one should not compromise it for studies.

4. Pressure of studies-

We all know university and college study is totally different from what we are taught in schools. Many students trouble with the teaching patterns of their new mentors and feel like they are beating the air while sitting in classroom. The real stress begins when the exam dates are near, then you realize that your whole syllabus is pending. What most of the students tend to do at the time is they buy short notes and start cramming them, which is not right at their part.

Way Out:

Rote learning is a part of education, but some students have made this a criterion to pass their graduation. This mentality has no future as it is the era where you need to understand the basics of everything and get practical knowledge.

• To educate yourself according to the demands of the recent times, you need to study from the beginning of the semester.

• Ask your seniors to guide you with the right books.

• As internet is a great source of information, try to search more about the topics taught in lectures.

5. Various other distractions-

Apart from bringing several opportunities for the students, college life also comes with numerous intrusions. In every college, there is at least a person who is in to such repudiated habits and attracts many others. Night life and life on an alcoholic fascinates them. They tend to think that being into drinking and smoking practices is ‘cool.’ But, the reality is something different. Adapting such kind of lifestyle act as hurdles in the students’ goals and distract them.

Way out:

• Before even trying drugs or other substances like it, think about your parents and their expectations from you.

• Remember the day when you left your home for the first time to enter into a new world, you promised yourself not to let down your parents at any cost and will make them feel proud. So, how could you forget all this and get in to such wrongdoings.

• Think about the status of your health. You cannot get back this precious gift of nature. Alcohol and cigarettes have been made to ruin your life.

Do not worry at all. Infinite opportunities will come to your way, make sure you get the most out of them.

We want that your college life runs smoothly, after all it is memories which we take back after graduation, but, if you go through any of the problems discussed above, you can revisit the article and get some ideas of tackling them.