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Using Skype for business – Interviews and conferences

Using Skype for business – Interviews and conferences

Thursday May 11, 2017,

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The instant messaging application Skype which was introduced in 2003, started off as a means of personal communication between peers. But with the evolution of technology since then Skype has also expanded itself into other niches of the market. One such instant of expansion is the expansion into the business field, replacing the traditional face-to-face meetings between peers or employees and employers with online video interviews and conferences.


Let us look at how this market has changed with the usage of Skype in modern times.


Traditionally an  interview is set up by the interviewer contacting the interviewee and setting up a place, date and time where they could meet face to face and conduct the interview. In modern times this process becomes a little troublesome, as it is not always possible for one to be at a particular place, at a particular date, in instances like this, the traditional method is to reschedule the interview to another date and time. But with the invent of Skype, this process has been made so much more easier, as now instead of making arrangements for all the involved parties to be at the same place at the same time and date, now all the business has to do is to, inform the parties of the date and time and then connect everyone through Skype, making it even possible for one to do the interview on the move. This makes the entire process more efficient.


If making arrangements for just a few people to meet was troublesome, think about how much more complicated would that process be if the number of people involved increases. Now add the complication of the participants being in different countries. Skype makes this process easier, by facilitating conference calls. This feature allows multiple users to connect at the same time, regardless of their geographical location. This feature reduces the hassle of bringing multiple people to one place, and eases the entire process, thus making it the best option for businesses today. They also have another feature of skype chat rooms, which allows people to interact through chat with multiple people at once. These features make it a great place to hold conferences.

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