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Content Marketing Trends 2020

2020 is all about optimizing mobile content. So the new year will be a successful content marketing year.

Content Marketing Trends 2020

Sunday December 15, 2019,

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What matters in 2020 in content marketing is the optimization of relevant content for the smartphone and an increased presence on social media channels and voice assistants. Because it is possible for entrepreneurs to maintain personal contact with users and to promote rapid interactions.

Potential customers will expect a more comfortable user experience in the future. The customer journey will no longer be a slow process designed to build trust. If the user wants something, then he wants it immediately: know immediately and buy immediately. For companies, this means adapting to the use of artificial intelligence and opportunities to gain trust immediately. At the same time, emotionally appealing content should not be lost to the user.

1. Messenger marketing for personal communication

Those who have not yet recognized the advantages of messenger marketing as a strategy of content marketing should start as soon as possible. Communication via mobile apps will increase in relevance in 2020. Because the direct interaction not only enables you to generate leads, but also to better understand customer behavior. Companies often use chatbots for communication via messenger apps to ensure constant and immediate exchange with users. Automation is very important in this context. As a result, companies also achieve a higher interaction rate.

The 3 fundamental advantages:

• Relevant content that meets individual needs can be targeted to a target audience

• Natural, fast and direct communication is enabled

• Higher interaction and click-through rates are achieved

Artificial intelligence is also increasingly used in automated communication with the target group. IBM provides the KI Watson, which not only capture the semantic meaning, but also recognize and classify keywords, and can understand emotions as well as concepts. This cognitive performance should also be used by marketers for their marketing strategies in the social media channels.

2. Facebook's relevance is declining

Presence on digital communication channels is an undisputed trend for 2020. But entrepreneurs should think carefully about which platform is suitable for implementing content marketing strategies.

The link post on Facebook is the most used type of post to bring multivalued content to the target group. But what many manufacturers ignore: Facebook is irrelevant for increasing the interaction rate. In the future, marketers should therefore necessarily use other communication platforms. WhatsApp is becoming more and more important and is the number one medium for the young target group. LinkedIn and Xing, which are suitable for positioning the brand, are also relevant for a larger reach and more traffic.

3. Voice apps for more presence in the customer

Journey "Alexa, order me a Starbucks caffè mocha."

Voice control is the fastest development via mobile devices, which is why companies should quickly mobilize their resources on product-accompanying voice apps. In the future, purchases and orders will be made conveniently via voice assistants like Alexa or Google Assistant. It should also be ensured here that content is created with added value, adapted to the text-to-speech technologies and that it meets customer expectations.

From a marketing perspective, there are various purposes, such as

• Positive positioning of the brand and products and image effects

• Traffic and lead generation

• Presence at the oral communication level

• Individual and improved user and customer experience

4. Using micro-moments for content marketing

Micro-moments from Google are moments when a person turns to the digital medium to satisfy his need to know something, to go to a place, to do something himself or to buy something , Valuable information about user intentions can be extracted at such moments.

In the future, it will be important for companies to be present on the smartphone, even in the short customer journey, and to optimally utilize the possibilities. What is important is the prediction of these micro moments in order to immediately offer the potential customer the content that he needs. This includes understanding the needs of the target group in advance and adapting to them.

5. Influencer marketing: micro or macro?

Brand trust and personal communication are related. Current developments indicate that most effects can be achieved with micro-influencers. Above all, marketers can use the close proximity to subscribers and the existing relationship of trust between the two units to present their products and brands. Due to the high level of interaction and expert knowledge in a specific area, the content can optimally appeal to a target group. In addition, influencers with less followers gain credibility and look authentic - which in turn has a positive effect on the brand.

In contrast to micro influencers, the basis of trust and user engagement decrease the more followers a macro influencer has. Therefore, there is a very clear trend for 2020 micro influencer marketing.

Everything revolves around the optimization of mobile content

All 5 content marketing trends 2020 can be traced back to one development: mobile presence on all communication channels through direct personal interaction with the users, individual content adapted to the user needs and by keeping up with the pace of the users. So the new year will be a successful content marketing year.

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