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Chinese students abroad are increasing!

Chinese students abroad are increasing!

Monday July 04, 2016,

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China is the world's largest exporter of students abroad



In China, in the early 1980s, studying abroad was only a myth and an impossible dream. Nowadays, thanks to China’s growth economy and the country’s development, Chinese come to study abroad all around the world. Moreover, more and more of them try this wonderful new experience.

Their main destinations are : Europe, North America, Australia and Japan.

Indeed, a total of 523,700 Chinese students went to study abroad in 2015.

Thus, this rate is still growing. From 2,640,000 in late 2012 to now over 3 million, they are the largest group of foreign students in the US, Britain, Australia and Germany.

There is still no actual restrictions on students going to study abroad.

In the past, the majority of Chinese students abroad were invited on scholarships, government-subsidized, or were researchers who had already obtained a scholarship.

Nowadays, the students arrange for the finance themselves as there are now very few scholarships. Then, Chinese students choose mainly the management area (52%), 23% prefer studying economics and finance, and 25% apply for in social sciences, biology, electronic engineering, materials science, telecommunications.

Three-quarters of them find a suitable job within six months of their return to China. Moreover, a third of them are employed by foreign companies which are followed by the private sector, universities and state enterprises.

Today, Chinese students abroad are younger than before. Indeed, in 2001, high school students accounted for 22.6% of Chinese students overseas. This trend began to emerge in 2002, and has experienced explosive growth after 2008. However, studying abroad is not easy, especially for young children.

One of the main reasons why Chinese students are going abroad to study is to avoid gaokao (the evil Chinese college entrance examination system), and not to make money in a country richer than theirs or to emigrate…