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Being a Training Entrepreneur

My career choice happened by chance and is now my passion

Thursday February 09, 2017,

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I was always proud of my career and my achievements at office. I had grown from the grass roots and learned things the hard way. I joined the company when it had just about launched and was seeing colossal growth. My fundamentals were strong and I was often referred to as the storehouse of knowledge. I was soon moved from branch operations to a Projects Team that planned, strategised and managed the oprations for all the branches Pan India. I thought my career was at its peak, and this is what I wanted to do all my life.

A surprise came in the form of my second son and my world turned around. Work started to feel like a burden , my priorities and my focus changed. I was also taken aback at myself and how easily the spotlight shifted to my children and my family.

The need to keep myself engaged and to use my talent was high and so was the need to be available for my two little toddlers. It seems like Godsend at that time, when an old colleague/friend was looking for people who could join his training venture. It worked two ways, I got to work from home and build business base and I got to conduct trainings few days of the month, that kept me engaged. It was perfect for me, I loved training and I was good with interacting and conecting with people from different walks of life.

I would talk to clients, meet different people and conduct training at colleges. The work in itself is very fulfilling. You can see people being transformed. You can see that you are making a difference in their lives. You can sense a deep sense of gratitude when someone that you trained achieved something and they credit you.

It wasnt just me, it was a bunch of us like me, who for various reasons had taken a break from the regular jobs or just wanted to be following a passion or hobby and yet balancing meaningful work. We were from all walks of life, sales people, operations, trainers, home makers etc. We were an extended family and support system to each other. We transformed and grew as we learned and as we facilitated sessions amongst us and for others. We facilitated sessions on Communication Skills, Public Speaking Skills, Leadership development,Advanced Facilitation Skills and more.

To me there has been no looking back since that time. It is a passion and a dream to connect with people who like to create their own future. To enable and provide a platform to build entrepreneurs in the sphere of training. 

Being a training entrepreneur makes my journey fascinating, appealing and work does not seem like work, since it is passion that keeps me going on. I also enjoy the flexibility and the money that I earn from this role. I meet people from varied walks of life, some acclaimed, some not so acclaimed, but each one living their dream and each one inspiring others.

 Today we have launched our own company that aims at enabling people to become training entrepreneurs and self sufficient. This with flexibility of being engagd at your convenience and earning well too. 

If you think ou want to take charge of your career in training and life, do reach me on 

[email protected]