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Why People are Moving Towards Online Doctor Consultation?

Monday March 20, 2017,

4 min Read

Online doctor consultation has emerged as a boon to urban as well as the rural populace of various nations. With the emergence of technology in health care services, people are finding it an easier and convenient medium to consult with a doctor. Telemedicine Services and telehealth  though have their respective limitations (like other services), their numerous advantages have always outnumbered their minimal limitations. During an online consultation, either you can chat with a doctor or you can video call for your queries. Just imagine the level of convenience for a bedridden patient, who needs a reassurative or preventive consultation at regular intervals, there are lots of advantages like these which make it a viable option. Following are some benefits of online consultation:

Prompt medical attention:

Whenever you use this online health service, the first thing you will realize is that it doesn’t make you wait; with a telemedical approach you always get a quick response. A medical practitioner hears your complaints and consults you on the same and there are no geographical boundaries to this type of consultation. This is a relief for various people in distant regions, those with limited mobility due to health conditions or the ability to travel due to poor road conditions, budgetary reasons, lack of a vehicle or perhaps a simple need for convenience and comfort. Once you experience the immense convenience of this approach you will be very reluctant to head to a clinic the next time.

Secure medical history:

This is one of the biggest advantages of online of online consultation service which is overlooked by many of us. When you virtually consult a top notch KOOLMD medical doctor your medical records are saved in digital format including any medical history so that you don’t have to repeat everything from the start to the provider and subsequent KOOLMD physicians; this is convenient and time-saving for both of you. For instance, if the health condition is stable, the doctor can just study your current condition with your medical history and prescribe you the required medications or treatment course — for instance physical therapy or durable medical equipment or assistive medical device. This service makes the whole process hassle-free.

Less expense:

Expenditure is an important part of health care. An online medical consultating cuts the travel expenses, while bringing medical attention directly to the comfort of your home. You in turn get all the needed health services under one roof, consultation, diagnostics, and prescription, even the doctor consultation fees are also less; it is actually much more economical than visiting a doctor’s clinic. Imagine you have a $2000 insurance deductible. Your physician, ER or urgent care visits will have to be paid by you for that year until you reach your insurance deductible; once the insurance required expenditures have been met the insurance company will start reimbursing your doctor visits. Essentially you are paying for each clinic visit at a much higher level. Imagine patients who have set their deductibles at a much higher level. With insurances there are also co-pays which need to be paid with most clinic visits. They may range anywhere from $20 to $300 or more for a variety of healthcare visits. So unless your insurance has a zero copay and deductible (very pricey insurances do have this option) you are investing deeply in a few doctor visits. Factor the time lost from work and the time spent in the car to get to a clinic location. Now you forced to literally use a vacation day to address a simple healthcare issue that could have been obviated via a brief in-house on demand easy to implement telemedicine physician consultation.

Easy to take second opinion:

In online consultation, obtaining a second opinion is also very easy. If your first consultation was a physical visit, you can consult a doctor online just to know more about your complaints. Two different approaches of treatments can give you a better idea of the condition. The reassurance is key with this approach. You get quick information from a competent healthcare provider and relax knowing that you are now better equipped to tackle your healthcare complaint, symptom or concern.

We cannot overlook the fact that real time telemedicine   is rapidly gaining popularity with populations of all ages; this can only happen if this method of healthcare delivery service is actually is a useful thing. It is a great option for everyone. Patients may now enjoy more quality time with their family instead of spending several hours at an Urgent care facility or ER also risking potential exposures to a variety of pathogens from other patients.