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Advantages of pursuing higher studies abroad | Choice Overseas Education

Counselor in Mumbai for abroad study, Choice Overseas Education is devoted in providing direction to prospective students who are interested in study abroad

Advantages of pursuing higher studies abroad | Choice Overseas Education

Tuesday September 19, 2017,

4 min Read

Moment we hear anyone from our social circle planning to pursue or already pursuing higher education outside India, it kind of lights up our thoughts and sparks an instant inquisitive conversation with them. We are and have been a developing country since many decades and our idea of moving abroad for education is quite fascinating. This primarily happens due to a tacit understanding and acceptance of the fact that quality of life, education and infrastructure abroad is better than what we have here. Although India has taken rapid strides in higher education field in last few years and has come a long way but we still have a lot of ground to cover before we can match up the western standards and their quality of education.

This has resulted into sudden spurt in number of foreign education consultants in Mumbai in last few years. Most of these consultants act as counsellor in Mumbai for abroad studies. Pursuing higher education internationally offers many benefits and advantages to the disciple. Firstly, it is the quality of infrastructure and teaching which makes a lot of difference. Most of the universities in US, UK, Canada, Australia and Europe have rich history and heritage attached to them. This has helped them in crafting evolved yet tested teaching methodologies which results into high quality teaching. They have also built incredible infrastructure over many decades which acts as a catalyst in the learning process for the students.


Secondly, western education lays lot of emphasis on research and this is the primary reason why bulk of the noble prize winners hail from western hemisphere. Most of the leading universities allocate lot of funds and dedicated infrastructure to the research scholars. This philosophy also blends well with teaching methods and it moulds the students to push their boundaries and start thinking out of the box. As a matter of fact, most of the technical courses in India are being taught using books written by western scholars only. This says a lot about quality of research and education at universities abroad.

Thirdly, studying in a country out side also provides individual a golden opportunity to learn about a new country, their way of life, a brand new language, new culture, cuisine and hundreds of other anecdotes or countless experiences. Learning a new language also acts as great mind opener as it requires the student to become a kid once again as it adds hundreds of new words to their vocabulary and exposes them to a whole new philosophy and literature. Spending the formative years of student life in a complete new place often ends up making a person more dynamic and flexible in life. These values are life lessons which will undoubtedly go long way in shaping up an individual’s personality.

Thirdly, every country has its own set of industries which are doing well and contribute to that country's economy. For example, for Germany automobile is one of the key pillars of country’s economy or manufacturing is one of the key assets for Chinese economy. A student pursuing education abroad is bound to get exposure and opportunities which are very unique to that country and will definitely help them in scaling greater heights in their career. And lastly, some countries like US or Germany put lot of emphasis on scientific research or countries like France or Italy really encourage students to pursue careers in non science based domains like fine or liberal arts. Education system and pedagogy in these countries is attuned to churn out individuals with honed minds which are research as well as creativity oriented respectively. This is quite a contrast in comparison to India where an engineering or number crunching based career is a preferred choice. So any student who aspires to pursue career in research or arts should definitely look forward to apply in these countries. Hence, pursuing higher education abroad is highly recommended to one and all so that it can help them in broadening their horizons and opens up pandora of opportunities for them.

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