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The Lost Generation, A Generation of Wayfarers

The Lost Generation, A Generation of Wayfarers

Friday November 03, 2017,

4 min Read


From our parents, aunts and uncles to our grandparents – they all told us to be thankful. We, the so-called Lost Generation didn’t suffer through wars, didn’t have to sit in ditches and await grenades, nor did we go through the Great Depression – the economy is booming these days, establishing businesses is so much easier.

We can only imagine what they went through and how hard it must’ve been, but in our defense, we’ve had our fair share of suffering as well. We had front row seats to a show full of unwarranted killings, acts of violence and countless deeds that made most of us question our belief in God. We saw planes and buildings explode and watched innocent individuals be named as prisoners and criminals at a whim. We witnessed foes turn to friends with false pretenses. We had our hearts broken as families break apart and sat crying as children starve and got their futures ruined before they even have the chance to start one. We saw men in suits destroy the poorman’s livelihood while giant corporations steal and cheat. And in those insufferable moments, we decided that we’ve had enough. We stood up, one by one, and started to walk away. We refused to take part in all of this.

Ernest Hemingway called us the “Lost Generation”

Sounds romantic, sure, but it’s the term for all of us who are unsure of the purpose of our existence and refuses to define it with dull jobs inside menial offices. A term for those who are hurting and confused. A term for the disenchanted young ones who only want nothing but happiness as they live their lives.

We’re a generation that only wants the simple indulgences of life. We aim to live our lives through experiences, not just by earning money. We want memories to define us, not the numbers in our bank accounts. We want our life to be full of adventure and excitement, refusing to settle down in suburbs and nine-to-five jobs. We’ve turned away from cubicles and suits – creating jobs of our own and purpose.

A Generation of Wayfarers


The author of “A War Imagined: The First World War and English Culture” said that the idea of being ‘lost’ does not mean fading but rather refers to being adrift, wandering.

We are a generation of restless and spontaneous young people, who has no patience for conventionality and mediocrity. We are wayfarers. We try to learn all about the country where we were born in till we know every nook and cranny by heart and travel places we have yet to know. We emulate the life of nomads, revolutionizing the corporate culture one city to another with creative and risky innovations.

Slowly but surely, our lost generation of wanderers demolished the dispiriting premise of the nine-to-five grind and created an alternative that brought better possibilities as opposed to the traditional working culture.

We created workspaces that allowed us to have the freedom to leave whenever we want and be whoever we want. We made places that opened a platform for  like-minded individuals – spaces that gives you the opportunity to grow and expand your creative freedom.

We brought the Internet to life and created communities that discuss philosophies and art through computer screens. We used the technological initiatives of our present time to change the political and economic landscape of the world.

We are revolutionaries and risk-taking artists unafraid of bringing a great shift to the seemingly damned world we live in. Lost and confused as we maybe, we are closer to finding ourselves than any other generations that came before us.

Be part of the lost generation, of wayfaring artists and revolutionaries, join us today and take a step closer to attaining peace of mind knowing that everything you do, will not be in vain.