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How to become a freelance SEO consultant?

If you create good content that is SEO optimized, you have a much better chance of landing on the first page of search results than people who don't pay attention to SEO. Google is by far the most used and important search engine to focus on for SEO purposes. 

How to become a freelance SEO consultant?

Wednesday May 30, 2018,

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Introduction: Search Engine Optimization helps your site to gain more visibility on the internet search engine and generate huge traffic. It has emerged as a significant sector in recent years because of a growing high power that search engines such as Google wield.

Freelance SEO Consultant

Freelance SEO Consultant


If it comes to SEO we are speaking about organic visitors not compensated from social websites so that it's essentially the way the site or just one bit of content could be found online by individuals searching for that specific topic. It may be described as providing perspective to the site for more visibility in the search engine optimization. Every search engine shows the most important results to your question and SEO helps visibility.

Advantages of SEO:

Quality -- Attracting visitors applicable to your site, not the overall people who only come and go with no purpose of the query solved along with your objective is also not fulfilled. SEO assists in guiding quality visitors that are specifically seeking the products/ goods which are supplied on your own site.

Amount -- as soon as you receive the ideal visitors, there'll be an increase in the quantity of traffic. The more the visitors, the greater it is.

Organic visitors-- All these are the outstanding ads that appear on the SERP's. It's that traffics that involve no charge on your side.

Who's a Search Engine Optimization professional?

I don’t know others what think about SEO. But I blindly believe in SEO results. Because of SEO, I got a lot of leads every day from Google. It generates huge organic traffic through target search queries.

Being a  freelance SEO consultant based in Delhi, India. I work full time for myself.  I have left my great permanent jobs only for the one reason I want to become a freelance SEO consultant, I wanted to do some extra in my life and not ready to work in 9 to 6 time period. I chose this professional to help small and medium businesses across all world.  Now, parallel I am running an SEO agency in Delhi.  


The search engine optimization industry is growing at a fast pace and there's a brand new branch of Internet advertising branching outside, so the question of this ordered syllabus and formalized method of research isn't possible since there's plenty of imagination involved and about the place, decisions are involved. The search engines such as Google, Yahoo continuously update their search parameters so the region of freelancer SEO must maintain the continuous updating of those parameters. So the search engine optimization freelancer India must provide SEO freelancing providers with these requirements in mind.

SEO specialist is a man or woman that declutters and arranges your site in a manner that it brings more visitors with the assistance of keyword or keywords. They have to be the current fad and upgrade the customer's site in line with the present search parameters. It's not just tweaking the site but also ensuring that the optimization. Search engine optimization professionals may perform freelance SEO or function as a full-time employee in a company or agency

Website evaluation -- it's the procedure for quantifying and assessing the site and isolating the regions which are in need of a shift or a tune-up. Additionally, it gives the advice of a entire amount of traffic, just how much traffic has gone through the website and on what position is your site on search engine parameters.

Keyword Optimization -- Keyword optimization is stated as speaking the exact same lingo such as the possible visitor of your site. A freelance search engine optimization specialist will locate the most acceptable keyword for the site and optimize the page based on it.

Content creation -- This info is composed by the freelancer SEO specialist on your site or your goods with all the emphasis on keywords or phrases using an intent to entice visitors. If a site tweaked by a search engine optimization freelancer India gets the requisite keyword phrases to maneuver through this filter, and then the site stands a greater prospect of visibility in the search results.

Information technology abilities -- This pertains to specialized abilities necessary for freelance SEO like site designing or creation, tweaking the HTML code.

Customer direction -- A freelancer search engine optimization specialist manages their customer by paying attention to their own requirements, setting some mutual ground rules and by providing results.

Analytical processing -- This instrument is employed in freelancer SEO for continuous analysis of the information processed or stored from the website for maximum optimization.

Hyperlink builder -- This project involves linking of outside websites to customer's site and of creating links that relate to the customer's website.

What Education does it need to become a Freelance SEO Specialist?

There's not any formal education in the area of SEO. However, there are certain basic credentials for example. There are not many universities or schools offering formal education within the area of freelancer SEO. There are few good platforms who offering online and offline classes on freelance SEO and offer a certificate of completion.  Additionally, the drawback of the profession is there no central governing body which regulates and monitors this search engine optimization profession. There have been ideas from the academic world to make a central regulatory body, however, SEO is treated as an art as opposed to a profession, or so the seriousness of the query is questionable. However, There Are Particular Ways That a Search Engine Optimization freelancer can obtain knowledge;

Websites: There are a whole lot of blogs with a great deal of advice regarding SEO practice. This technique has more info than any other procedure. However, the drawback of this procedure is it is a massive number of websites on this subject that makes it tough to select one.

Online Videos (Webinars and training videos): A lot of webinars and videos are streamed or available online and they may be utilized to get knowledge. However, they might somewhat obsolete because this technique is a continuous change and it's time-consuming. The Youtube is also a good option to learn from experts. 

Conference and workshops: Whenever there is one to one interactions readily available, one can get knowledge firsthand by talking with the specialists. Since there is continuous change in this subject of freelancer SEO, it's far better to ask the specialists that are knowledgeable about this subject. 

In India, there was a continuous rise of freelancer SEO area and you will find a Lot of job classes such as There is a numerous freelance search engine optimization specialists who do SEO outsourcing jobs. Additionally, there is a great deal of online freelancer SEO consultants in India who offer classes on the best way best to become SEO freelancer.

Skills each Expert Freelance SEO Consultant should possess?

In freelancer SEO, you will find certain skills a freelancer search engine optimization expert should have which assists in doing the very best optimization and directing the search engine visitors. It helps in the facet of the way to become SEO freelancer. The specialist should have an analytical and creative thought that investigations every single measure in directing the visitors and also in improving the rank of the site. It shouldn't be on technical aspects but also the other regions that matter like knowing the circumstance or framing the concept in addition to solving problems.

Link construction: Google does link investigation to make the most important result for your search query. If the search engine optimization freelancer has a fantastic understanding of creating links depending on the evaluation instrument, then he'll have the ability to direct initial traffic via the website.

Basics of HTML: HTML programming is one of those fundamental skills in freelancer SEO jobs. Despite the fact that there a lot of site builders accessible the simple coding are in HTML along with the search engine optimization freelancer needs to have the ability to grasp the language and the syntax connected with that.

Basics of Excel programming: This ability isn't a requirement but it reinforces your desktop at freelance SEO and also makes sense for the double click the chance since you'll have the ability to present the expert services of SEO freelancer and also a developer.

Understanding of lookup parameters: Search engines such as google, yahoo, bing and many others upgrade their search parameters often to supply the customer the most important result. The search engine optimization freelancer must remain in contact with all these parameters and write the keyword or content within these parameters.

How to locate freelance search engine optimization jobs?


There are a lot of websites which provide a good number of SEO tasks. The attractiveness of the profession is the fact that it's in online significance anyone can operate from anywhere. Let's take a peek at a few of the very best site offering freelance advertising tasks.

Upwork- This really is one of the most well-known sites for hunting freelance SEO specialist or submitting your search engine optimization need. Nonetheless, it's also priced quite low for hunters. It's a great beginning for freshers and there's a payment guarantee for your task done.

Worknhire- That can be an Indian site that's offering both works and employ choice. You might even post your self as freelance SEO consultant from India and origin jobs out of and out India.

Freelancer- While many sites function on bids, the freelancer gives a competitive advantage. The freelancers must compete against other freelancers to have supplies.

Taskr.in- That is just another Indian site which provides to post your needs and it will help you supply SEO franchisees appropriate to your requirements. This site has the choice of hiring freelancers or hiring job freelancers.

Craigslist- on this site, you are able to find high paying jobs in the USA and post your needs to cater to this market. Should you pass their screening procedure, you'll have the ability to supply work from top paying customers. They organize meetings and workshops.

Freelance writing gigs- It isn't important if you're in freelancer SEO, freelance search engine optimization consultant or you're searching for freelance SEO writing projects. The freelance writing gigs have the choices to get a freelance SEO specialist in almost any form.

These are some the sites where you could employ SEO freelancer at India or provide SEO freelancing services. You're able to work or employ worldwide with no limitations of boundaries. There are a whole lot of chances for SEO freelancer in India. Since India has a pool of abilities hidden, an increasing number of global companies are looking to employ SEO freelancers in India.

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