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Top usage of Gold in various industries

By D Gold
Gold is one of the expensive & useful metals among all metals mined from the earth. Due to its special properties, gold is considered as a precious metal. 
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Gold is one of the expensive & useful metals among all metals mined from the earth. Due to its special properties, gold is considered as a precious metal.

Features of Gold

• Gold is a good conductor of electricity

• Easily drawn into wires and hammered into thin sheets

• Melted and molded to any shape

• Has brilliant Luster

• Tarnish Resistance

When we look back to the history, we can find that nearly each well-known culture had used gold to signify power, pureness, magnificence, and achievement. Today also we are continuously using gold for our most significant objects: Olympic medals, Oscars, Wedding Rings, ecclesiastical art and so on.

Jewellery: The Primary Use of Gold

Pure gold is highly sophisticated metal and it can’t stand the too much pressure so craftsmen mixed some percentage of other metal to the gold in order to increase its durability. And so, alloys of gold contain a lower value per unit of gold than pure gold.


Gold is the very good conductor of electricity and free of corrosion. The most important use of gold is in the manufacture of electronics.

Gold is used in

• Connectors

• Switch & Relay Contacts

• Soldered Joints

• Connecting Wires & Connection Strips

• Cell Phones

• Calculators



• TV


Transfer of digital information through the computer and from one component to other requires and efficient and reliable source of the conductor. As gold is one of the best conductors of electricity, it meets the demand of transmission. Also used in edge connectors to mount microprocessor and memory chips.


Gold is chemically inert metal and non-allergic and so, Gold alloys are being used for filling crowns, orthodontic appliances, and bridges.


• Used in Surgical Instrument

• Used as a drug to treat a small number of medical conditions

• Radioactive gold isotope is implanted in tissues to serve as a radiation source in the treatment of certain cancers.


• Gold is used in satellite components

• Gold-coated telescope mirror


Gold medals are used to honor the champions in various games and The Academy Awards Oscars are gold awards. Music's Grammy Awards are made of gold.

Glass Formation

Gold is used in the production of glass. During the annealing process, if gold is added, it generates bright ruby color. It is also being used for making specialty glass for temperature-controlled buildings and cases.

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