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Ashok Dudhat: The Man behind Event Flavour

Read the journey of Mr. Ashok Dudhat, the man behind the successful startup "Event Flavor"

Ashok Dudhat: The Man behind Event Flavour

Thursday January 05, 2017,

4 min Read


An NRI with more than a decade of experience of working with different IT industries and the founder of "GAM Software solutions Pvt Ltd" which started with one startup named “”, which a worldwide startup jobs website – has recently found another startup called ‘Event Flavour”.

Mr.Ashok Dudhat is basically from India but currently, resides in Germany from the last 10 years. Mr.Dudhat founded his company GAM Software solutions Pvt Ltd in 2012 with one startup regarding jobs and is now expanding his business furthermore with his new startup venture ‘Event Flavour”. He has his flourished and set up business both in India and Germany, with the development and marketing in India, while the Project management team is in Germany.

Having spent 10 years in the field of IT industry, Ashok Dudhat finally wanted to turn himself into an established entrepreneur with an aim to bring about a change in his as well as others life. Soon his startup turned out to be a trusted and globally acclaimed organisation in a short period of time, all due to his focus, dedication and determination towards his work. His hard work started to pay off in terms of success.

Startup jobs exactly maps all job seekers based on their skills with the appropriate job openings. After this successful venture, Ashok Dudhat planned on expanding his entrepreneurship further by inventing another unique startup. Similar to his first startup, this one too focuses on bridging the gap between events and venue industry.


“Event Flavour” is the world’s largest self-service ticketing and venue booking platform. It provides all the tools and technology that are required to make your event successful and far-reaching. With “Event Flavour” you can create your event with just a few clicks, quickly and easily. You can sell tickets and manage your attendees with ease. Also, it is one of the best venue management systems, where the venue owners can list their venues and get events for themselves. In short, it is an ultimate one-stop platform where people can find venues of their choice and organise the events according to their preferences and convenience. They can also promote the events and find attendees for the events through “Event Flavour”.

It is a great event hosting platform for all kinds of events, be it corporate, entertainment, educational, conferences, networking meetings, seminars, exhibitions, fundraisers, political rallies, gaming competitions or any other kind of event. It is the perfect place for hosting all your events and finding the perfect venue for the event with ease. It’s all just a click away.

Some of the key features of Event Flavours are:

1. SELL TICKETS WITHIN MINUTES: We sell tickets at a very faster rate. Our platform provides the fastest setup experience. You will love the simplicity and convenience of posting events.

2. GET PAID FASTER: You will receive instant cash. You do not have to worry about receiving funds until your event ends any more. You will be paid instantly.

3. COMPETITIVE LOW FEES: Our service charge is one of the best in the industry. You can easily pass on our service fee to the attendees and you do not even have to pay anything.

“Event Flavour” generates direct mapping between events and venues and allows both the parties have a good benefit. Now the users do not have to go for different platforms for planning an event and finding a venue. Both these work can be done under one roof with a lot of ease. “Your Events and Venues Search Place”, the slogan of this startup relates to the ease with which it provides the best of services with a focus on trust and transparency.

Mr.Ashok Dudhat has the vision to change the perception of events and venue service with this startup. His credentials and work style is applauding and he is blessed with very good business skills in abundance. He is a talented and experienced entrepreneur whose goal is to empower the customers, provide them with customised services and deliver the best.