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Content marketing best practices 2018

Content marketing best practices 2018

Saturday June 09, 2018,

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Content Marketing has been changed a lot since last few years. The thought 'Content Is King' is true and content marketing has gone way far than since observed. 2017 was the great year for content marketing and platforms related. 

Social media platform is nothing without content has been proved in 2017. Facebook driven all-time highest gross, Twitter expanded its Character limit to 280, and Quora is blooming like never before with touching almost 200 million active monthly users, which is almost double that 2 years back.

Today in this article, we are going to show you some sure shot of Content Marketing in 2018 real quick. We have enlisted 6 major points about Content Marketing in 2018 and how it is going to evolve. This can help you like a salt to your business as you can decide the best of your business through these points.

1. New Ways of Consuming Content

Technology is growing and changing day-by-day and it opened many ways to deliver content. New smart devices are getting introduced every day that are clearly indicating other ways to do it. 

Virtual assistant, smart watches, smart home appliances, AI and some other technologies are just ways people are getting connected. 2018 predicts to be a really good year for other upcoming technologies instead of JUST smartphones.

2. Influencer Marketing Era

Influencer marketing has always been criticized by marketing experts, but the fact is, influencer marketing has always been helpful in one or the other way. Giants mostly prefer to do influencer marketing to spread out the word wide and deliver their little piece of message. 

It is also a fact that influencer marketing should be done by organizations who are known as brands, but tables are going to change in 2018. Influencer marketing strategies have some plans for low budget business also. Highly recommended.

3. Social Media is the key

Sharing content on social media is not new, but seeing to the reports, we have predicted 2018 to be published even more content on social platforms. Businesses already getting aware of the power of getting socially active and using it to for their business. Social media platforms make it easier to reach to consumers and even do branding. 

4. The rise of Live streaming

Live streaming is around since last 3 to 4 years but it accelerated and started getting popular in late 2016. And, we have reported the consistent growth of users going live in 2017. 2018 is predicted the year of live streaming. Many news and media company has captured breaking news going live and this has just shown one of the many uses of live streaming. The growth will stay on the average of 50% more usage of live streaming the whole year of 2018.

5. The growth of Personalized content

Technological advancements will make it easier to create personalized content for an audience in 2018. Analytics can be used to learn more about the visitors and understand them individually and where they are on the buying journey. By predicting improvement in analytics, organizations will be able to use this information to create more personalized content with exactly what they need.

6. Brands Transparency

Getting brand conscious people, where we also have brand proofing individuals. The individuals who generally check out all about the brand including the history and the future of the brand. And these people are more likely to be one of the most influencing people for your brand. People like when a brand shows honesty to their consumers and clearly dislikes when companies try to hide the fact. Companies can be able to become more transparent about advertising in 2018, which will help them more trustworthy and approachable to customers or promising consumers.

So, these are the points that are going to bloom in Content Marketing in 2018. We hope this article helps you and grow likewise. Don't forget to mention your questions below and give us the chance to help you out and clear out things deeper.