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5 twitter strategies every marketer should know

Do you know Twitter is a mini free customer service portal?

Monday November 07, 2016,

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If you are using only retweeting, Tapping into trending hashtags, Quote Tweeting, Finding popular hashtags from the history, tagging influencers and twitter ad campaigns to interact with your audience then you are still having a microscopic view on twitter.

Twitter brought few additional features to help business to improve customer’s engagement with brands. Twitter in its official blog states millions of customer service interactions happening every month on Twitter and their advertisers agree that 80% of inbound social customer service request happens on twitter

It is found twitter cost you only 1/6th of the cost of the call center to solve a single customer service request.

Now marketer needs to have a different look on Twitter, it’s not only a platform to promote their products or services but also a platform to solve queries.

To be a successful brand on twitter every brand owner or marketer should understand these 5 strategies to increase engagements.

1.Deep link

This is the main reason why I called Twitter as a mini call center.

Deep link is a normal link with your twitter’s numeric id when you add this link in your post you get a call to action called “send a message”

https://twitter.com/messages/compose?recipient_id={your twitter’s numeric account id}

Add your twitter’s numeric account id at the end of the link. You can find your numeric id by entering your twitter handle on twittered.com

Twitter empowers you to customize this deep link.

For example when a user clicks the link “Send a message” a chat window pops up here you can ask some prior information like order number, location, occupation etc., before starting a conversation by simply adding “&text=” at the end of the above deep link.

https://twitter.com/messages/compose?recipient_id={your_twitter’s_numeric _account id}&text=”Order_number”

This link will prompt for order number in the text area where the user actually composes a message.

Using this feature you can take your customer from public speaking to private messages.

All you have to do is to write a responsible reply but this feature cost you 22 characters against 140.

Before inserting the deep link you need to do some changes in your account. Go to settings-->Security and privacy and check Receive direct messages from anyone.

2.Customer feedback

Customer feedback empowers your audience to give direct feedback on your service interaction.

It is like once you are done with the issue raised by your customer you can send a feedback form on twitter to improve to collect his feedback. Twitter saves these responses and makes it available for you anytime.

Using customer feedback feature you can ask two different questions to your audience.

1.How would you rate your experience with<Business>?

2.How likely are you to recommend<Business> to a friend?(NPS)

But this feature is not open to all the brands. Brands partnered with Conversocial, Hootsuite, Lithium, salesforce, Spreadfast, Sprinklr, sprout social.

Twitter is working on to make it open for all brands.

3.Advanced search

Twitter advanced search is one of the underestimated features on this media by marketers.

Using advanced search option you can plan your future campaign or you can watch how your competitors are performing or which type of campaign suits your audience or where your potential audience is.

It allows you to search with exact keywords, hashtags, location, date and even what kind of result you are looking for like positive or negative.

Twitter helps you with some operators to refine your advanced search.

4.Twitter Polls

Here you can do market research with targeted audience using organic hashtags or through paid promotion. Twitter saves this response for your future reference.

Before launching any new product or service you can ask public or potential customer’s opinions on your idea.

It's not only for idea opinions marketers can play with this feature to collect many insightful responses for their future or existing models.

Twitter allows up to four question in a single poll and poll length can be a maximum of seven days and minimum five minutes.

5.GIF images

Since you cannot exceed more than 140 characters marketers use caption images to convey more messages. But twitter, on the other hand, reveals GIF images are highly shared on the twitter than captioned images.

According to twitter over 100 million of GIF images are shared in 2015 only. Using funny or creative GIF images could take your brand up.

If you want to convey long messages twitter itself suggesting you publish it on your blog and post the link in your tweet.

These are the 5 twitter strategies every marketer should know and implement in their campaign.

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