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Maximise returns from banner ads

The Art & Strategy of Banner Ads

Tuesday September 19, 2017,

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Advertising is an Art – a Strategic Art!

Banner ads were where display ads and mobile ads are today, same relevance with a dash of technology to it. Website owners need to focus on selling spaces on their portals much like the outdoor advertisers. Even with a shift of over 80% of total advertising revenue on digital platforms not much has changed in advertising principles. 

How to design an effective banner ad?

Following things can hit the buzzer right, be it the banner ads or display ads or even mobile ads:

• Load the Logo: Logos build brand awareness so they hold great importance in these ads.

• Keep It Simple and Legible: Simpler is smarter! Your ads will be visible to people from all walks of the society; so, the more you keep them simple, the better they would be for your business. Also, in case of banner ads, they need to be legible from some distance.

• “Call to Action”: CTA is a very strong proposal to cajole the masses for a quick action. Phrases like “Come to our shop”, “register online today” etc., evoke the feeling of taking action right away.

• Design Consistency with the Brand: Design imparted in one particular ad should be consistent with all the ads to follow, so that the customers recall that at the point of purchase.

• Don’t Forget That a Picture Is Worth a Thousand Words: Appropriate graphics, photos or images add the creativity-quotient to your ads. These components help in representing the client’s product in a clearer way.

• Right Colors Can Paint Your Imagination Right: Colors play a very vital role in any ad copy; and when it is the question of banner ads, they are the only thing that attracts customers’ attention. Keeping your design on RGB color mode helps you get the best display output for banners.

To get the maximum returns from banner ads, it is crucial to design them perfect in the first place. The most commonly used software for designing ads are Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop. Some free online tools are also available such as Canva.

The Strategy

An awesome ad copy is sure to invoke profits into your business. But this is only half the battle won. The next step is to utilize the space on your website efficiently.

“75% of website owners do not look beyond Google Adwords and affiliate ads. But there is a whole new world waiting to be explored in the frontier of Ad networks. There are over 3000 Ad networks in the world which in addition to Google Ads generate huge amount of revenue.

But it becomes cumbersome to manage more than one Ad network and that is where tools like MadX.co comes into the picture. MadX  is an Advertising Exchange. Which is like a single point of contact for all the 3000 Ad networks. The website owners can hugely benefit from these ad networks which are independent of search giants such as Google and Yahoo. Moreover the web portal owners can monetize space on their website more effectively thanks to the turn-key solution provided by an advertising exchange.

The THREE B's of Banner Ads

One must use both the Art and Strategy to emphasize on the 3 B’s of Banner Ads

• Brand: This involves logo incorporation at some place on the ad, which is something very essential.

• Buzz: The ‘Buzz’ requires a wordy-articulation that clicks with the audience and hits them interestingly. As an instance, the word, ‘Free’ never goes wrong as in ‘a free trial’ for that matter.

• Badger: A little coaxing of the audience towards your ad through some CTA i.e. call to action.