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Content or design: Which comes first to developing a new project?

When you are planning to create a new website this question should comes in your mind like "Design or the Content: which is more priority in Website?" Read This article to get the Answer. 

Content or design: Which comes first to developing a new project?

Tuesday September 05, 2017,

4 min Read


When this question is asked people becomes confused and the concept of “chicken or egg” comes in the mind. People often use to ask this question: “Which comes first, egg or chicken?” Do you think that both content and design sits in the driver seat? Many people thinks that design drive the content and some thinks content drive the design. So what concepts are needed to be learned to understand that what comes first. For a smooth and successful website both content and design are important.

There are certain factors of the industry like target audience, deadline and several other approaches which you should follow to complete the project as per plan. It is important that the content presented in the website should be design-driven. An eye-catching design on the base of presentation of the content can only attract the visitors in the website. You need to draw a clear picture that what you want your website to look like.

A good designer can understand your brand and they try to position the elements in a creative way for persuading the services and products. A well rounded structure is needed to be set before designing the website. The factors like products and services, history and target demographic are needed to be settled in a systematic way in your website.

For a project development designing always comes first becausebefore setting the information of the content, it is important that the design must be suitable to the content. A well design only can grab the attention of the consumer. To utilize your brand of the business focus on the design of website colors, elements and imageries, so that your website becomes visual, powerful and stable.

It is necessary that a descriptive, catchy and short content with proper user experience and user interface should drive the customers. In the web design industry design and story both matters. Design is important because attracts the customer and a content is important because everyone loves a good story present in a content with proper information.

The design should always be presented with complementary imageries, bold headlines and strong call to action for providing the key message which can influence the customers, so that they buy the products and use the services.

For building the information, content-driven design is needed to be built. We all know that, ‘Content is king’ but eye catching design is also mandatory to convert a potential consumer. Content drives the design with functionality and layout for user interaction with website. Design often uncovers language and portrays it at front of the audience with a professional approach.

Organic traffic and content have direct connection. There are quality keyword specific content on any website. The more traffic will drive by the content the more will the google ranking of the website will increase.

For increasing organic traffic, you must optimize your website for on-page SEO. You must use Meta tags, headers, descriptions and titles and incorporate clear links. The contents are needed to be shared on social media channels.

Businesses can rich to vulnerable position if design is done without content. That may lose opportunities to capitalize your audience. UX challenges can be foreseen by UX design. Design will hit the mark when the content comes. It helps in enhancing customer experience and without the content UX may fall flat. The relation between content and design must be accurate and prototype.

Before taking any approach to build a project few things are needed to be considered like industry, projects deadline, audience attention and intent. Thus, it cannot be judge that what occurs first, design or content but both are important in the brand value and project development for business.