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4 Facebook Advertising Tips That You Ought To Know

Wish to know about the tricks used by the pros of digital marketing to save money and achieve maximum output out of your Facebook ad campaign? Learn 4 of them here.

4 Facebook Advertising Tips That You Ought To Know

Thursday January 19, 2017,

3 min Read

Though digital marketing has become an integral part of running a business in our times, nobody wants to fritter away their hard-earned money. Absence from social media would be detrimental to your business but entering this domain without a strategy wouldn’t help either. Without doubt, among all the social networking platforms, Facebook is right at the forefront in terms of popularity, reach and the time spent on it by the users. However, the fact that you are reading this post means that you are worried about not getting the returns you are hoping for through your Facebook ads.

Facebook Advertising in India<br>

Facebook Advertising in India

Here are four tips to help you bolster your Facebook ad campaign:

1. Learn to use Facebook’s Audience Insights

This free-to-use tool provided by Facebook is one of the most powerful resources at your disposal. You get a lot of data about the demography and behavior of your potential audience. Use this tool to narrow down your target audience. It is possible that your business caters to a very broad range of people, but it is still advisable to focus on those users who are most likely to be interested in buying your products. Many new marketers quickly squander their budgets by targeting a very broad range of users. Unless you are a mammoth-sized corporation with tons of money to spend, it makes little sense to broadcast your ad to every user who logs on to Facebook.

2. Benefit From Facebook’s Optimized CPM

Of course, it goes without saying that as a responsible entrepreneur, you would have planned your digital marketing budget at the very outset. However, this in itself doesn’t solve your problems. Unless you spend a fair bit of time studying advertising on Facebook, it isn’t easy to learn the proper way of strategizing bidding for ad space. So, it is advisable to let Facebook’s Optimized CPM to take over this aspect of your campaign for the time being. Till the time you learn the ropes of this trade, let Facebook bid for space and allocate budget on your behalf.

3. Do not forget the landing page

While advertising on social media, it is crucial to maintain a very high level of credibility. Users have a very low attention span and they are very easily put off by ads that resemble spam or betray the desperation to sell. Therefore, it is always advisable to accompany your ad with a landing page that educates users about your product. Nobody likes to be whisked directly to a selling website at the first click of the mouse. An informative and balanced- sounding landing page goes a long way towards ensuring that your clicks actually convert into business.

4. Make your ads enticing

No matter how much you strategize and analyze, your ad campaign would sink into oblivion without a powerful and optimized ad template. So, there are a few things that you should keep in your mind while conceptualizing your campaign - Facebook’s algorithm prefers visual posts over written content. Further, visual posts are more likely to be remembered and shared. Your ad should have a precise description of the exact benefit you can offer. You do not want to lose a potential customer because you failed to put all your cards on the table while you had their attention. And finally, your ad should be accompanied with a clear-call- to-action that tells readers where they should go/click in response to your ad.

As you implement the 4 tips shared above, there is a strong likelihood that they may do your campaign on Facebook a world of good and bring you greater success.