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Go West

Story about a Chinese girl from Beijing looking for jobs in India

Go  West

Monday October 30, 2017,

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My Poster of Job Searching anoncement

My Poster of Job Searching anoncement

Go West

On-Going Story About a Chinese Girl from Beijing Seeking Jobs in India

Many Indian people asked me why I wanted to move to India to work when Indians all wanted to go east to China and made a big money . My answer that for career development sounds a bit less convincing to them. 

If I could say more, I would say whenever I saw Bangalore, I felt it's Beijing, standing in front of me, 15 years before. 

What about Mumbai? Definitely that's shanghai when she's younger. 

Let's look at Gurugram. You could not find a city more like Shenzhen and Huawei would totally agree with me...

So I started my self -branding on Facebook Marketing regarding my ambition to join in PR companies or adverting companies. Here we go,.. Season One started...

The Facebook marketing is not significant costly but the result wasn't very satisfying. One obvious reason is the video social media marketing is far beyond the traditional and formal approach of applying jobs for example: sending CVs on Naukri.com. 

True. As a senor recruitment consultant, I could not agree with that more. So Why not?

First of all, Naukri.com is not like Linkedin.com, Indeed.com, or Glassdoor.com which are International, Naukri.com is very much definite themselves as an Indian recruitment website which is happened to be using English and possible to be taken for granted by foreigners. They never said they would like to offer some special service to job seekers like me in their passionate CRM emails that I receive every day. 

Most importantly, Naukri .com is not the only Indian recruitment website which rejects foreign numbers to register, all of India online recruitment sites reject foreign numbers. Later on, I found out it was probable not that recruitment websites were too local, it was also by the patriotism of Indian telecoms and I really could not blame that. Therefore, my account on Naukri.com is never got phone number confirmed and not surprisingly no interview call rang up neither. 

Facing difficulties caused by semi-globalization is what I expected. My story wouldn't end up here, I will continue looking until I sit in your office one day. Season One just started...