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The future with network marketing business is strong and should be considered as serious career and earning opportunity

The future with network marketing business is strong and should be considered as serious career and earning opportunity

Thursday February 16, 2017,

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Network Marketing is a business in which we don't invest money but we invest time. The industry that has created maximum millionaires in world.

Having spent 21 years in Network Marketing with one of the leaders in the space, while self practicing and following Global top Network Marketing Leaders, I want to share my personal experiences and findings this may help someone to understand growth, potential and get non stop results in network marketing business.

#1 "A Supplement Income is today's major need globally, especially in India"

For the people who are doing Jobs!

Except for the 1% ones from the top brass, people realize they are not prepared enough as the retirement age approaches. They have little savings than expected. Such savings may exhaust while building a house or some other family or social commitments. Most don’t have any major investments to start a business, thereby relying on Social Security and pensions. So many liabilities, so many dreams are still left pending. People end up spending the post-retirement on pensions and the savings from the job. And at that stage, life is just a compromise with so many dreams left unfulfilled.

For the people who are running small businesses!

Many people run their own businesses with very low investments or on loans. Everything is on loan. Houses, cars, personal loans, and later they realize that something has gone wrong. They find themselves very restricted and miserable and lead a life from one loan cycle to another.

Aforementioned could be one of the reasons or the ones coming next could be a few more reasons why Network Marketing is of use.

#2 "Network Marketing is highly effective, efficient and a risk free business model along with high earnings"

A business model that permits to experience big earnings, luxurious life style, higher rewards, excellent recognition, helping others to grow is the best working model. And network marketing business contributes all said.

You get paid for what you produce by product sales to customers, and also by creating a network of like minded people duplicating the same, as well developing leadership in network. You get paid exactly for what you’re worth to the company. Network marketing is simply developed on a number game and duplication.

In the corporate world, people hire talent, skills and qualifications to grow their business model. But in network marketing, people educate others to groom someone's talent, skills that benefit both the parties to reach where they want and get paid for producing a strong business for the network. This makes network marketing more powerful. There are many more reasons to start network marketing business to supplement earnings.

#3 "The Growth potential is incomparable, unique & unmatched"

Having been an independent consultant of Oriflame since last 21 years, I have all the reasons to be bullish about the future and possibilities of Network Marketing Business. The company with a management which follows ethics and guidelines set as per government and regulatory bodies, are the best companies to work with. Top that up with leaders who are duplicating and educating the same, you know where to start from.

Talking about the potential of networking, we have some best examples of networking in different sectors. Networking structure is successfully proven globally. With time, we have seen lots of changes in the networking style. In 1940's the networking model began by offering franchises and as on today, network marketing has entered into an extended and improved form, i.e. network marketing through direct selling and reaching customers through personal recommendations. That helped to create a low risk business, more personalized and customized service of their products.

#4 " Today, the world is a huge connected network"

In different sectors, hugely successful people have simply tried to create and maintain a strong network. If we talk about Facebook, Instagram, What's App, they are successful because they were able to create gigantic networks of people. Further in FMCG, if we take example of Coke vs Thumbs up, both are cola drinks but somehow, Coke has created a bigger network than Thumbs Up globally. Patanjli is another brand which is established on a strong networking bases. Firstly, they created a strong network and later created a strong selling process, giving competition to other long time established FMCG brands. Similarly, KFC, Pizza Hut, McDonalds, Pepsi and Ford spread all across the world in their own way. Creating a word of mouth network for direct selling segment is the best way to improve supplement earnings.

#5 "All ages should be engaged and remain active"

As per numerous surveys, people who are active and engaged in some work live a longer and a healthy life. One should be actively involved and engaged in something to feel young at any age. This is one of the most important parts. They get connected and keep their mind, soul and body involved in great ideas and helping others to do the same.

#6 "Last but not the least"

Find your own reason and purpose to start off with network marketing. Since there is no inventory risk, no need to employee staff and no huge investment required, why be inhibited? Simply learn through successful leaders get proper coaching and guidance.

As per my learning and thought, Network marketing industry has now entered into its golden phase, with the world being more connected than ever. With the combination of networking, direct selling and digitalisation, network marketing will only create more success stories in the times to come. To start with, just choose right company (avoid ponzi schemes) and try your luck in the network marketing business.

Its always a personal choice to either allow someone to hire your skills, talent and qualification or develop your own entrepreneurial skills through a network marketing business with zero investment requirements.

At any age, and under any conditions, one can jump into the Network Marketing business and that's the beauty of it. We just need to understand the way of doing Network Marketing, under the guidance of someone who's been there, done that. Thank You!