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5 business property maintenance tips for spring and summer

5 business property maintenance tips for spring and summer

Wednesday March 28, 2018,

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Spring is the ideal time to maintain your business property. The weather is warmer, and it’s more comfortable to work outdoors for long hours. Summer is also a good season because most people get time off from work or school. Review 5 tips to help you maintain the look and function of your commercial property.

Clean up the landscape

During the colder seasons, there are some days when the temperatures are near freezing. Your landscape, consisting of plants and grass, is likely to have died and left a barren environment. Replant and redesign the parts of your landscape that were killed off by this cold weather.

Maintain the gutters

Most commercial roofs have gutters that need to be cleared out often. During the Fall, these gutters become clogged with leaves and tree debris. Then, winter weather adds more snow and ice that melts and collects in pools of water. Commercial roofing is supposed to be clean and not collect piles of debris, so start by cleaning the gutters regularly.

Focus on the roof

The roof is not the first thing that you see when you enter a home or building. So unless there’s a leak, you will not notice any damage. Every Spring, check this structure thoroughly for damages. Despite its condition, consider tasks to remodel the roof, such as replacing broken shingles or installing energy-efficient materials.

Check the HVAC system

When it’s cold, some buildings have the central heating unit running all day long. By the time it’s warmer, the whole HVAC system is working at half of its fuel efficiency. Before the arrival of summer, have a professional maintain the air conditioning unit properly.

Inspect the plumbing

Freezing temperatures cause pipes to expand and crack. Spring is when you see a few leaks form in the plumbing systems. Many leaks are hidden and cause more problems behind the walls. There’s also the possibility that mold could develop and spread throughout the building.

Hire a plumbing company to perform an annual inspection. You cannot wait too long to check whether or not you have leaks. Have a professional check the water appliances in the bathrooms and kitchen areas.

It takes more than a new paint job or A/C installation to maintain your commercial property. There are a series of tasks that are needed to keep this building running efficiently. Spring and summer are the ideal times to work on cleaning and maintenance tasks for your business.