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Social Media Job Titles: An Overview

Social Media Job Titles: An Overview

Friday July 26, 2019,

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With the increasing popularity of social media, it has become imperative for every business to promote its products and services on this platform as well. While they are at it, it has given rise to many positions and some of these job titles can be quite confusing. People think that they have the same responsibilities. However, that is not true. Each of the position in this field has its own set of responsibilities. For this purpose, here is an overview of some of the social media job titles:

1. Social Media Manager

The first and the most common job that you might have seen and heard concerning social media professional is of a social media manager. The popularity of this job is increasing day by day and in many ways, it has become of the most important job roles out there. In numerous organizations, it is used as the catchphrase for anyone who is involved with tasks related to social media. If you work for a small corporation then this term might make sense, however, if you work for a very large corporation then it might get a bit unclear. Any social media should be incredibly clever, calculated and should be aware of the ongoing trends in the media industry. They should also know what people actually prefer in the virtual world. They are responsible for developing and implementing the organization’s social media strategy. The main aspect of their job is to determine what people want and with that in mind, they should be able to drive traffic towards the products their company has to offer. Social media managers are one of the people who are responsible for generating leads and sales. In smaller organizations, they are also responsible for writing social copy, answering the inquiries on their followers and handling their social channels.

2.    Brand Ambassador

A brand ambassador is a role that not only includes being part of the social media but their role expands beyond the horizon of the social media. Just like social media manager, a brand ambassador is also utilized for an umbrella term for anyone responsible for creating awareness regarding a brand. Many companies hire brand ambassadors to increase the popularity of a product or a brand. Brand ambassadors are usually well-known influencers, bloggers or employers who have a huge following on social sites. Basically, they are responsible for creating a human form of a brand. At events and online, they are the ones who represent the brand through their online presence. They also utilize word of mouth marketing and product promotions. Other responsibilities include creating and sharing content through their online accounts about the product, doing demonstrations of the product and giving their review on it. For instance, you might have seen people at huge events wearing T-shirts of brands or taking pictures with the product.

3.    Chief Marketing Officer

All the social media jobs and positions are leaded and controlled by one person, and that person is known as the chief marketing officer. The chief marketing officer is the boss of the product. It is their responsibility to see how well the product is doing in the market, which makes this position quite a big deal. Since they are part of the C-suite, they report directly to the CEO. They mostly monitor areas like brand management, marketing, product development, pricing, customer service, distribution and many more other areas. They plan, develop strategies and work with distinct teams to ensure that the sales and leads of the organization are going in the right direction. They also conduct extensive market research to analyze how the market is doing and predict the future position of the market. According to their research, they make budget plans and supervise the design of new products and advertisements. This role is quite difficult to handle since you have to be quite creative, broad and you should acquire adequate analytical and problem-solving capabilities.

4.    Social Media Strategist

It is the job of social media managers to implement the strategies but it is the job of social media strategies to develop these strategies. Their main focus is on creating a plan of action and schemes. Hence, this requires them to be extremely energetic, active and highly strategic. In larger corporations, this might be a small job title that only supports the social media manager in their responsibilities, however, in Small Corporations they are of utmost importance. Their responsibilities include making schemes concerning the marketing, advertising areas and locating main leads through social media. They also review and perform audits to find any strengths and weaknesses that their social media strategy might have. They use this information to modify and improve their plans and campaigns. Moreover, they are also liable for endorsing new products, events and other such things on their media channels. They measure the market return on investment and performance of their content to make improvements if needed.

5.    Creative Director

The artistic side of marketing depends on the creative director. While the chief marketing officer is more responsible for the finances and operations of the marketing and promotions areas, creative directors have united plans regarding the designs and messages on how to sell a product or a service. In any advertising agency, they are often the main roles and they mostly report directly to chief marketing officer. According to various assignment help, along with designers, artists, sales staff and every other artistic person in the department, the creative directors produce the perfect ad campaigns. They are usually the ones who come up with main concepts and ideas for any advertisement and then with the help of other above-mentioned roles, they sell the product. To be effective, they need to keep up the ongoing trends of the market to ensure fresh and relevant work.


To sum up, the above-mentioned names are some of the positions related to the internet and social media in every small and large corporation. All of these positions breathe life into the social media world and they have their own set of tasks and without these people, advertising and promotions would have not been possible.

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