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How important is matchmaking for B2B events and trade shows?

How important is matchmaking for B2B events and trade shows?

Tuesday August 14, 2018,

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Networking is one of the most important reasons why most people attend events or trade shows. It is the backbone of a successful business transaction. In B2B trade shows, most attendees and representatives mean meetings and business. Meeting the right people at the trade show is important for the ROI generated post a business matchmaking session. You need the best b2b event management software that facilitates the organizers, event planners and attendees.


Most trade shows are not successful if there is no business matchmaking. Many SMBs are on the hunt to increase their revenue and help bring in customers such as major corporations and government agencies. A business matchmaking event is all about the prime opportunities for SMBs to meet with potential customers in a guaranteed time slot and present products and services at competitive prices.

Business matchmaking events aim to maximize opportunities for buyers and sellers of services and products. The ability to be heard by prospective buyers is the main need of a small business. In the rapidly changing business environment, small businesses want to capture an interested audience of prospects with ease.

How is business matchmaking important?

A business matchmaking event becomes the prime opportunity for medium and small businesses to meet with various customers. When a business leader embraces the opportunities for B2B matchmaking, they opt for software platforms that aid business networking.

Most trade shows encourage the delegates and exhibitors to create a fantastic working relationship that includes blogs, newsletters, and webinars along with matchmaking meetings. The most important aspect of business matchmaking that wins several points in the room for face to face contact between buyer and seller.

This becomes the best way of forging bonds with the customers. People in trade shows also exhibit various products and services directly. Attendees are able to touch, hear and feel how a product or service can make a difference to the customers.

One of the most important aspects of business matchmaking is a product demonstration. This allows both potential and current buyers to view the products directly in a trade show. Attending receptions and other networking options helps businesses to engage with industry leaders and influential decision-makers. A business matchmaking event enables attendees to collect useful intelligence to take home after a meeting.

Stronger relationships are formed when influential buyers meet sellers of repute. This enables the business strategy of an SMB to expand and strengthen. Most trade shows also generate a lot of media attention. The public relations team of event organizers often find out opportunities for sellers and their booth to be featured. Additional media exposure leads to coverage in trade magazines and television, radio or online media.

How is a business matchmaking event created?

The event producer of the entire trade show or programme creates a matchmaking event for the participants (sellers and SMBs) and the buyers (large businesses and their representatives). There are the open matchmaking events wherein anyone can book an appointment in a time slot. The semi -open matchmaking event is one wherein the sellers make the appointments and the buyers of the large corporations need to approve them.

The closed matchmaking event is one wherein the buyers make the appointments based on their procurement needs without any input from sellers. Finally, at custom events, the event administrator can mix and match the events listed above and offer a plethora of types of business matchmaking facilities. The number of appointments each business is given and its duration is subject to the likes of the event organizer.

How does business matchmaking software work?

With business matchmaking software, most buyers can register for the event. The buyers then offer detailed information about themselves and their profile of the business. They also highlight their current and future needs about who their customers are. Once there are adequate buyers on the list, meetings are scheduled on the business matchmaking application suite. Buyers and sellers can both log into the software and update their profiles or schedule appointments. The event administrator also can schedule on their own thus allowing buyers and sellers to participate in the matchmaking.

The matchmaking software automatically generates the matches after scouring participant profiles.  Similar to speed dating, SMBs move from table to table meeting buyers on the schedule. There is ample opportunity to meet with buyers and network with peers using long lasting business connections. 

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