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It’s 2017! Remember, Startups Are Different.

“Great ideas come when we expect them less”

It’s 2017! Remember, Startups Are Different.

Friday November 03, 2017,

6 min Read

The term mobile became the synonym of growth. Mobile apps, undoubtedly, play an important role in everyone lives. In 2016, mobile sales increased up to 58%, and this stat is expected to increase in 2017 too.

But what is the one aspect that helps some entrepreneurs to get successful in their startups while others get failed? The answer is simple: “idea”. Yes, it’s an idea that changes the entire game.

A startup is nothing but a great idea and proper execution of it. What your app will offer and is it really needful in people's lives are some of the most important questions that always come across entrepreneurs’ minds. But to think out of the box is not something that everyone can easily do.


Today, we have an app for almost everything. People are using these apps in their day-to-day lives. From ordering online through restaurant apps to entering guests details in the office with visitor registration process, mobile apps are everywhere. In that scenario, coming up in the market with a strong and confident idea is a difficult and most crucial part of the process.

So to make your work easier, we have created a handy list of startup ideas. Select the one which amazes you, give your time and thought to it, that will definitely help you to generate good business.

1. Cooking App

Look around, you will find many people who live alone and cook for themselves. You often have heard that many of them skip dinner either because they are tired or don’t have enough time to go outside and buy proper ingredients for a whatsoever dish they wanted to cook. Isn’t it a big problem that should be addressed?


You can take initiative and develop a cooking app. When they are left with only basic ingredients and couldn’t think of any dish, your app will help them.

This app will be same as other cooking apps, but the only difference, that will make it stand among the crowd is, it won’t tell the ingredients. Rather, it will ask the users what ingredients they have right now and come with some dishes that can easily be made with those ingredients and won’t make users rush to get other additives.

2. Interior Designer

Decorating a home has never been an easy task for anyone, especially if it is your own home. People often get confused while selecting carpets, wall paint, and curtains. Sometimes, they end up buying the wrong interiors. You can create an interior designer app that will take the pictures of user’s room from different angles and visualize it with several available options. You can also show the dealers who have the exact product in the nearby area. It will ease the entire process of interior designing for people.

3. Security System

Today, almost all companies and shop owners are using several security devices. Even general public are installing security systems at their houses. There is no doubt that owning a mobile app that controls all these security systems is a blessing for people. They can easily check how is coming at their door, view camera footage at any time and sense the activities on their locker. All of these things can be possible with the help of a mobile app and Internet.

4. Voice To Voice Translation

Have you ever visited a foreign country? If yes, then how did you communicate with the common people of this country, such as taxi driver or shop owner. If you both know a common language then it was definitely an easy task. But what about there is no intermediate language or interpreter available. You might feel helpless in an unknown country with unknown people. Undoubtedly, talking to a person who speaks a foreign language that we have no idea of, is an impossible thing. Your language translator app will translate the verbal communication between two people and let them interact properly.


5. Cheap Delivery Services

What if you buy a product worth of ₹ 300 with delivery charges of almost ₹ 130, won’t you feel little annoyed? Everyone wants the best and cheapest deal. Develop an app that can provide these things. Users will fill the required information, such as delivery location, weight, size, postal code, and so on. They will browse the list of courier services available and select the cheapest one.

6. Reader App

Many times, we read something, find it interesting and want to save it, but couldn’t. If we are reading online then it is comparatively easier for us to save it. But what if something is handwritten and we can’t keep that paper. For addressing this scenario, you can design an app that will read the text and numbers written on a paper and save it for the future reference.

7. Cloud Presentation

Undoubtedly, preparing a team presentation is always a difficult task for everyone. You can create an app that will eliminate all the traditional method of presentation designing. It collaborates all team members for making the presentation online. In this way, everyone can give their feedback and ideas for improving its quality. It saves their time and resources.

8. Car Parking

To find a parking for your car in the rush hours is a difficult task. People waste a lot of time in it. What if they have an app which shows them the empty parking lots in their destination. Design an app that will show all nearby parking spots with the help of GPS and help users to grab that parking spot.


9. Listen With Me

How about you can listen to the same song at the same time with your friend or partner who is miles away from you? This would be one of the best things for the music lovers. You can design an app that initially looks the normal MP3 player, but will be much more efficient than that. It lets others know what the person in their contact list is listening and if they also like that song, then they will share that song and listen simultaneously.

To Sum Up,

It has never been easy to start anything. And what we discussed here is to start a business. You can select any of the above-mentioned ideas and work on it. But remember, you have to be ready to take risks. Choose the business idea as per the market demands. It will be easy for you to reach the targeted audience.