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Avoid these mistakes in online marketing

Avoid these mistakes in online marketing

Wednesday June 14, 2017,

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Online marketing, if done effectively, can save you a lot of bucks. There are a myriad of online marketing techniques, however, what works best for you depends on your business vertical and your available resources that you would want to spend on the marketing. 

SEO (search engine optimisation), social media marketing and paid advertising are some of the most common e-marketing methods. As per a research from moz, more than 90% of online sessions start with a search in search engines. More than 80 % people search online before making a purchase. All this shows the importance of SEO to help grow your business. 

Luke Houghton, who has over 9 yrs of experience in SEO says "I've been doing digital marketing mainly SEO for almost a decade at SEO Brisbane. After working for over 100 SMEs with their SEO, I realised that SEO is in fact the most cost effective and most targeted way of online marketing. If you appear at the top of search engines, then you can secure a lot of qualified leads for your business. ". 

"Most of the clients who reach the top of search rankings in Google achieve high organic traffic and usually there is an increase of more than 10% in conversions for many of our SEO clients after achieving first page rankings" says Luke. 

One thing to avoid in Search marketing is hiring an inexperienced SEO consultant. If SEO is not done right, it can also backfire. Google's recent updates has made the algorithm pretty strict and advanced. Your site might get banned from Google's index as a result of shady SEO. So, be careful. 

Social media marketing is easy to implement as far as you are only sharing the posts on social sites. You may need a professional help though if you wish to set up a bigger social media marketing campaign. If you're doing it yourself, you can read some article online to learn the basics of social sharing. However, avoid wasting time on increase your presence on all the social channels. Find out the best platform for your business vertical and then focus all your energy on that channel. 

For paid advertising, make sure you understand the system/advertising software first before putting big money . For Google adwords, you may want to understand how Adwords works, how keywords research works and how bidding works. For Facebook advertising, you may need to do more research on how targeting works in the ads before you spend a huge chunk of money only realising later that conversion was not good enough.

So next time, when you are using any of the above e-marketing methods, please avoid these simple mistakes mentioned above. Think before you invest your hard earned money!