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An All Inclusive Resort Vacation in Karnataka: Here’s what to look for

An All Inclusive Resort Vacation in Karnataka: Here’s what to look for

Sunday January 29, 2017,

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A state in India that has been crafted by everything that the almighty had, Karnataka is known for its beaches, historical destinations, widespread forests and wildlife sanctuaries and skylines at the same time. Look for different options to explore in Karnataka and the first idea you’d get would be to go and explore the wild. If you are someone who prefers to keep luxury on the top even when going on adventurous trips, an all inclusive resort vacation in the wilds of Karnataka is what you are looking for.

Karnataka has some fabulous locations like Masinagudi, Dandeli, Kabini, Bandipur, etc. that you can explore. The world class resorts with innumerable luxurious services and packages would make it way more special. Since these resources are innumerable and it can often become a pain to choose one perfect one, check out some cool tips that you could take a note of while choosing an all inclusive resort in Kabini.


First things first; you ought to know what your pocket allows you for! Depending upon how much you are willing to spend, you need to narrow down the options of resorts in Masinagudi. Additionally, people have certain prerequisites as well that either you have to pay for additionally or are in an all inclusive deal. So sit down and do your research first as per your budget and then take it to the point no 2.


Once you have a list of resorts in Bangalore and Karnataka in your hand, the next thing to do is make a list of must have amenities. Whatever your requirements may be, simply list them down and start categorizing the resorts on the basis of them. There are chances that you might need to make a compromise with some of the points on your list, you can either do that or move a bit around with your budget. 


Karnataka has great road, rail and air connectivity across various cities and therefore this won’t be that big an issue to tackle. It still makes to this list is because you need to plan beforehand on how you’d be travelling to your resort. There could be cases when you’d have less time to waste in travelling and then you should choose resorts that belong in the close radiuses. You can easily get cards and travel arrangements at the resort as well when you have to roam around the resort.

Things to do

You’d get a lot of things to do in the resort itself depending upon the place you’ve chosen. But if it is not a holiday that you’d like to spend only in the resort premise, check out the whereabouts around the resort as well. There could be options like beaches, wildlife sanctuaries, forest reserves, historical sites, etc. around the resort that you’d want to explore and ensure doing a local area research for the same.


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