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HARTARAF - #KnowBeforeYouReach

opportunity to utility.

HARTARAF - #KnowBeforeYouReach

Wednesday November 02, 2016,

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We serve a useful function to someone, somewhere.

Mobile & Web Platform
091280 79756

Mobile & Web Platform (App+Website) Phone 091280 79756

Hi there!

I’m Aditya Aryan CEO/Founder of Hartaraf. I’d like to personally thank you for connecting. Welcome aboard our journey towards safer and better connected society!

We started Hartaraf because we want to help people discover the world without fear. We’ve always had trouble finding relevant information on the ground, whether it is a good restaurant, shop, product or event.

Speaking of events, we had no way to get alerted for any type of opportunity events or emergencies. So we decided to take action and build an app which will provide real-time information on a map focused on what is around you and relevant to you right now.

Making this world more known to everyone in each way. We believe,information is the only key to utilize the each resources. We are helping the world into empowering the basic essential need of human.

Hartaraf helps better decision making and as most people prefer visual medium, there is no better visual communication medium than Hartaraf so long as you are making it clear what the person is looking at.

We provide a solution to live your live easy and efficient. Sometimes micro-moments. 

We believe 'information' should be sorted and filtered in useful way, we should adept a platform which provides the solution of making more micro-moments.

i need a core team and good capital to develop, design, develop & market my product.