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A Start Up that failed- An individual who did not

My story of my failure at my start up and what did I learn.

Friday October 21, 2016,

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My father was furious when I told him that I want to start my own company. He told me that he would happily give me one lakh if I would like to take some coaching but when I asked him why was he hindering me from start-up he said - " No one in our family has ever done this before". I smiled and wondered if everyone in our family was an administrative officer.

Nevertheless, I remained reluctant towards my dream without knowing anything about how to realize it. I was popular in my college and was appreciated by many for my performances and ideas I represented on stage and off stage. This kept me motivated and I decided to start my own event management company.

On 23rd of January, 2015, my company got incorporated and I was ready to conquer the world ( or so did I think). I was (and still am) is good at social media marketing but I decided to hire someone else for the same. My first event was my dream project and I did not want to take any risk. I hired best I knew for the job and a quotation of 3 lakh was given to me.

After one month of campaigning, nothing happened and I knew I had lost 1 lakh rupees of my parents. I was lost in thoughts and was fully in depression. How could my product/event failed. I had a reputation of always having best response but my first major event had failed miserably.

How?? The question was haunting me. Yet because of lack of any more money I had to create a job for myself in an institute. I worked there for a year.

I quit my job not because I had enough of the fortune but because it was shackling me and was not letting me learn new thing.

To this date, I am still reluctant on my dream which would start from a small level project. I have started a small blog and working towards my dream . Some how, I am not actually earning much ( or at all) but that job in the institute was not even worth my time. 

This article is about 5 things which I would like to share with you all, these are the things which I have learnt from my failure.

1. Trust yourself :

 I am not saying that you should not hire people for your job but yes do things which you are good at by yourself. Yeah! I understand you can do everything by yourself but if there is no need of it then do invest in people but never give them the best job you can accomplish.

2. Keep moving forward

I was lost, without money and hope but still after that I have dared to rebuilt the dream again. From last one year, I am not running, not even walking but just crawling but I can assure you all , it might not be the best place I am in right now but surely is a better place than I was an year ago.

3. Built a team:

Yes, you do need a team but you don't have to beg to build one. Right people will come to you and wrong people will find their way out. Right people will be ready to struggle and wrong will always have excuses. People with excuses can't build an empire. 

4. Don't think much about past:

You lost in past? Ok! but this is not where you belong anymore. So look forward and prepare yourself. Past guilt would not let you move with your pace. So unburden yourself and see the future. 

5. Never Give Up!

You might wonder, that yeah we have given up our past but what about future? Scary, isn't it? But tell me what good is a plane which works as a truck on the land? Believe in yourself, believe in what you can do. People will come and go and will burden you with their funny thoughts and would like to bury your passion and ambition. Deny them! tell them that you are 'seeds' and when anyone bury seeds, it always comes back as a flourished thing. 

I wish you all a very happy journey pursuing your dream !