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Why do you need an animated explainer video for your business

That is nothing new that the best product in the market is not the best selling one. The reason is quite clear - it’s not as popular as needed to be. There are billions of people; that means millions of potential customers for your particular product. The problem is how to find the real clients. The answer is clear too - you have to waste a lot of money either for your marketing team or the advertisement. Or you just can create an explainer video for your business. Let’s understand how it works.

Wednesday March 01, 2017,

4 min Read

Everyone watches videos every day

A lot of people nowadays just too lazy to scroll down the website and read the stuff to understand what the product is about and how it works. Imagine a lot of people are even too lazy to press the play button (Thanks Facebook for the autoplay idea). Watching a video people spent more time on your website. Instead of reading and surfing on your website, they will get everything from one animated video. Also, it ensures you that the customer will get the idea of the product the way you want it.

Psychology marketing for animated video

So let’s talk a bit about psychology - a great tool for commercialization. Understanding a bit of it can go long ways toward a better understanding of the audience you need and why they do the things they do on your website. So the majority of people are visual learners, they learn most thoroughly and efficiently when the material is presented to them using video at this point. The rest of individuals mostly are verbal learners; they perceive the information through repetition to themselves or when they discuss or explain the material to others. So this means, videos are perfect for every kind of learners. You can create a great animated video, but you can lose a lot of customers if you do not take attention for the talking voice, music or sounds in your video.

We feel obliged to give back to people who have given to us

Creating a great animated explainer video can make a lot of people share it on social media; give something great to get something in return. RenderForest is a great tool for creating explainer videos in no time. 

Ask to make a small commitment

When asked to make a small commitment first, we are more likely to agree to a larger request later. For example, in your video ask people to like the video, and in the end, ask them to share it.

Creating animated explainer video is much easier than you can imagine

Okay, so how to create the animated explainer video. There are hundreds of companies that can help you with that. So how to find the most efficient one? Well, let’s divide them into three categories. I will tell you about each one, and in the end, your choice will be clear.

First Category: Give your product and wait

Looks attractive, right? Don’t be so assured. A 60-second explainer video can cost you approximately 5,000$ - 35,000$, does it worth it? I’m not sure about that. It can last weeks the video to be ready. Will you like it after spending that money and time? Also, don’t be assured about that.

Second Category: Give the product, an idea and wait for thousand questions

Looks cheaper, right? Unfortunately, no. 

Yes, you can be sure that you’ll like this one because every step of making the animation is being discussed with you (They waste time on you, time costs money). But do you have that time? It will also last weeks and imagine how much work you're gonna do; script writing, storyboard, choosing a design, selecting a voice over, approving every finished 10-15 second segments, etc.

Ok, I get it – I have that time. So, how much is it?

The price starts at 10,000$, and that number can get higher depending on the design and style you choose, but rates soar as high as $100,000!

No! Thanks.

Third Category: Who can do it better than you

Looks great, right? It is. Imagine an online platform with lots of modern templates and characters, essential tools, and affordable prices, where the only limit is your imagination. You literally can build your animated explainer video in minutes. Looks unreal? Wait, this is just the beginning. You can try it free without editing limitations. Even download your video. Want the HD quality one the pricing starts only at 20$. There are hundreds of online tools that can be used in making great animation videos. Start creating your first video right now.