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Top Ten Most Innovative IoT Solution Provider Companies

Find the right ability to mobilize my company can be extremely demanding

Top Ten Most Innovative IoT Solution Provider Companies

Tuesday October 31, 2017,

5 min Read


2016 gave exciting glimpses of what mobile and software industry is doing in the field of Internet of Thing (IoT) and sixth sense technologies. Smartwatch, fitness tracker bands and smart household appliances have flooded the markets over the past year and smartphone operating system and device manufacturers have taken up the task of supporting these technologies with gusto. Demand for applications to support IoT technologies has risen and the focus towards their development has received impetus. We take a look at the top 10 IoT app development companies of 2017 -

1. Intuz

Intuz works with clients worldwide for developing mobile and web applications of very advanced features. It was a natural progression for this company to adopt the latest development standards and deliver advanced IoT enabled features in the mobile applications developed by them. They have used IoT features such as GPS, Beacon and sensors to deliver applications for various commercial application in petrol station, Hotel Booking Startup and for a Marketing Platform provider.

2. Softeq

Softeq specializes in developing custom apps for mobile and web platforms and wearable devices. Their engineers have both hardware-level and application level expertise, which they merge to deliver highly functional applications. They have so far delivered apps for wearables, augmented reality games, SmartTV, IPTV & VoD solutions.

3. AppInventiv

AppInventiv is a top-ranked web and mobile development company which is most sought for working on emerging destructive technologies. They specialize in IoT, wearable and augmented reality technology based app development. Their notable work on IoT apps include a Hearing Aid Non Profit application for those with hearing disability that uses GPS capabilities. They have also designed apps for companies from entertainment industry, primarily focusing on UI/UX design.

4. Solution Analysts

Solution Analysts forayed into IoT-based mobile application design and development with the onset of iBeacon and growth in wearable device in the market. They have used GPS and beacon technology extensively to develop commercial applications for retail stores and event management industry. They have also developed notable applications for the iWatch.

5. Octal Info Solutions

Octal Info Solutions have their business interests spread across development for web and mobile platform, and with the increasing focus on IoT, big data and cloud solutions, they are building their profile in this segment too. Some of their work using IoT technologies are for an international packers and movers company that assists in international relocation by giving users services such as providing information city guides. It has also worked with a retail shop to increase the footfall of shoppers by designing a mobile application.

6. Menlo Technologies

Menlo Technologies is one of the leading software solutions developer with a global presence and a large team of software developers and engineers. They deliver strategic IT solutions to clients that enable them to leverage technology to meet their business goals. They are using IoT technologies for mobile application development in fields as diverse as working with a semiconductor company to develop tools, to working with a data services company as their technical resource provider.

7. FS Studio

FS Studio is an advanced software consulting firm that specializes in providing support with embedded device products and virtual reality. They work largely on machine learning and computer vision. They have worked extensively in children's technology market and created entire solutions from foundation for company's technology initiative. Some of their notable work has been in developing custom solutions for a boutique marketing agency and created augmented reality enabled gaming applications for a children's toy company.

8. Swenson He

Swenson He works with business to provide end-to-end software solutions development, adhering to their most complex needs with their group of highly proficient engineers. They are currently working with the latest IoT technologies to enable companies manufacturing smart products to augment their products efficiency and usability. They are recommended by clients for the smart UI design, which makes interaction of the smart product with the smart app a child's play.

9. HQSoftware

HQSoftware is known for its high level of involvement with the client project, engaging clients at various levels to accomplish the project within stipulated time and limiting costs. They are providing feasible IoT-based solutions to companies that want to move to the new standard without escalating their costs. Some of their work engages a textile factory, IT firm and a digital agency, enabling them to design engaging solutions.

10. Lemberg Solutions

Lemberg Solution provides web, mobile and IoT development solutions and currently has experience working with travel and hospitality, automotive, healthcare, social networking and consumer electronics industries. In IoT development, they do hardware design and prototyping and firmware development. They have designed learning applications for an eLearning firm and a College mobile app and an AR Freeflight app that uses the drone technology.

The above list has been condensed from a list of IoT development company, picking the top ranking mobile app development companies, by selecting them for their highest scores in the area of IoT development.