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Working at startups! What do you gain?

Wanna work in a startup? But  allured by the big firms. Think again?

Wednesday May 18, 2016,

4 min Read

College life is a blessing in disguise especially for those who happen to seize the opportunity really well. I did the same in my second year when I joined a startup in October. All thanks to letsintern.com where you can get a clear idea about all the budding startups. I applied through the same process and joined a growing startup- Advantage Club (formely Work Advantage).

We all know the basic purpose - (1) to get the live experience of handling corporate environment with ease and of course, (2) breaking down the difficulties of the placement sessions. But working with a startup is not just confined to these benefits there is a bigger picture that no one talks about.

I worked for Advantage Club for 1 year and 7 months. Don't bother much I know what you are thinking 1 year and 7 months for an internship and that too with a startup? Yes its the amazing team and the culture but there is more to it! That's why I am writing this! The benefits that you reap from working in a startup can really make you work so long with them.


Flexi-time and work life balance are very much hyped these days and they should be. Working in a start-up provides much flexibility that you won't find anywhere else. You can be anywhere in the world and still work.

Added benefit: With the extra time you can learn any new skill and upgrade your resume.


While a start-up is growing the tasks grow and become more complex and you get to handle extra responsibilities and even work on other job profiles and can really add these new skills to your resume. One day you are handling an event the other day you are interviewing people. Start-ups really help to bring our your latent talents. You can find the best job for yourself by experiencing all the profiles. You become proficient in the skills that you are good at and learn new ones as well.


Have a problem? Go discuss directly with your boss without any fuss of complex networks. It helps in better clarification and faster problem solving and you learn the importance of inter-employee harmony. While working with your influential bosses and team you can really gauge a lot of benefits.


Your say really matters to a startup, be it even the smallest of problem. Your opinion is appreciated and selected in a startup and there is nothing more rewarding than your ideas getting appreciated. You work harder when you are appreciated. Your brainstorming skills get a lot of polishing.


For all the business enthusiasts, working in a startup is a great opportunity to have an in-depth experience of all the processes that a startup goes through since its inception. You can really see the things yourself and use them to project your own business idea.


A startup faces new challenges everyday and so do you! You learn to work hard to solve the problems and develop a culture of diligent working system. You become habitual to hard work and pour your heart in everything you do.


Wanna join a big firm but not ready yet? You can totally count upon a startup for the corporate exposure that you will need for your future endeavors. You can develop the full skill set and learn to grow in corporate environment.


A startup is never boring! A startup is not only fun but also challenging at the same time. You put your problem solving skills to work and learn new things everyday. You enjoy your job to the core! You have new reason to wake up everyday with zeal to do something new.

Still want reasons to work in a startup? Then why don't you go and join one. I can bet you will see the differences yourself :) See it to believe it!! All the best!