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My version of 'detachment of thoughts' - Focus on observation

My version of 'detachment of thoughts' - Focus on observation

Friday March 03, 2017,

4 min Read


Many high-speed bullets have been fired from the heavy loaded guns by big practitioners about detachment to thoughts. But to a layman, it’s still a bullet of high speed that goes over there mind. Things don’t tend to interest them or are sometimes confusing. But it’s not a theory to be taken casually. The practice of it can make you a king or queen of your mind. Thoughts control your mind but the mind doesn’t control your thoughts.

Just like we human beings need to breathe to survive similarly our mind needs the thoughts to survive. Thoughts are a spontaneous spurt of ideas or imagination that transport you to your destination. Thoughts are as colorful as colors. Just as The balanced combination of dull and bright colors helps a painter in creating a wonderful portrait of art on the canvas. The art so portrait reflects the freedom of expression of your creative imagination. Who knows it can become a second masterpiece just as Mona Lisa. Similarly, the flow of negative and positive thoughts if left unchecked can be channelized to make your mind create masterpieces of imagination in any field. The masterpiece of imagination so created can be further be polished by sharpening the spontaneity of nonindulgent observation of thoughts. It improves the quality of your work. Thus thoughts are the air that our mind breathes in don’t stop it deal with it.

To me the practice of detachment of thoughts was a journey which I enjoyed, it was like peeling the endless layers of mystery. The practice sounded simple but the complexity to implement were many. In my ignorance to deal with my thoughts forced me to interfere with my thoughts. I kept checking my negative thoughts. Until to my common sense” which is not common” said me that –if I restrict my negative thoughts then I will also be stripped off with my positive ones, as the tendency follows. Which I don’t want. It was like taking nature in your hands which you can never control. In the process to interfere with my thoughts made me suffer a lot of mental exhaustion too. But I didn’t give up. In that same pain, I started writing articles, where I stumbled on an article “Mindfulness” which enlightened me about the true nature of thoughts i.e. detachment. Detachment- which is being in a neutral mode where we don’t react to our thoughts. And its radical acceptance made me passes away my thoughts with greater ease. But when I started doing it, it was like buses moving being unaware of its destinations. Which left my mind still wandering. Then I realized that thoughts are just like buses that come and go, we don’t have to sit in them we need to merely observe its movement and enjoy the surroundings. This further helped me in to develop my focus on observation of thoughts. My energy got channelized in focusing on the thoughts, feeling, and sensation rather than interpreting them. I got an instant solution to stop my indulgence with thoughts. This feeling further helped me improve my quality of thoughts and enhanced my creativity. And once you start being in the moment then the sky is the limit.

Thus to conclude I can say –ignorance is the main cause of wandering thought. Once you are aware how to rightly channelized your flow of thoughts the journey become enjoyable, what’s important is we need to add that spice of “observation” to our thoughts. Meditation is one process to sharpen the power of observation. As the power of observation strengthens, it helps you in keeping the fire from within you burning.

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