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The last day you talk to your employee should not be when you offer them a job”

Tuesday September 27, 2016,

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“The first impression is the last Impression” how far do we follow and understand these quotations” says the Co-founder of Human Racers “AJ”.

The first impression your company makes will stick with your new hire throughout their career.

Many new employees are dissatisfied during the on-boarding process only as they feel that their initial impression of the job was indecent. Being an employer, it’s your job to reveal your company culture, vision & mission, standards, values, career progression, internal branding, one team one vision and so on. The more information you can provide your new hire up front, the less likely you’ll run into communication issues and surprises later on.

AJ says, 80% new startups still go for desperate hiring and end up with sharing less on “Human capital”. He says getting a breakfast and lunch on onboarding process does not called Employee Engagement or building a better culture around.

Today’s employee seek to know “The vision, Road map, Growth plans, As employee has understood that his growth is been associated with Employer’s growth hence traditional way of employee engagement has taken a different shape.

AJ says since the trends has taken different shape will engaging them with traditional HR ways be helpful?

A company’s culture and a company’s brand are really just two sides of the same coin. What goes around the office comes around to the customer.