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Relentless pursuit on what subjects of your life and for how long

Relentless pursuit on what subjects of your life and for how long

Friday July 27, 2018,

4 min Read

They say the quality of questions you ask yourself might transform your life, one of the questions I wanted you to reflect upon is..

What are few things that you on your relentless pursuit list. What are things that get you out of bed every day, what are the things that inspires you to keep going at it relentlessly and come out as a winner on the other side after going thru the grind.

So , what are those goals in your life , that you are willing to take a bullet for. In today's world of abundant deviations and instant gratification, while we aspire to do so many things , ideas, plans and career options. Unless we stick to some of them , and pursue them relentlessly and make progress on a daily basis it may not be possible to convert them to reality

one of the key ingredients you need for converting some of these goals to reality is, our dear friend perseverance. To continue your efforts while it could be hard work, and while the success is not in sight, push thru the rough weather, and continue to keep at it.


Everything we talk about goals does not mean anything unless we commit to action and see ourselves doing those actions on a daily basis. Reflect upon your current day, look at your to-do list today/ this week, or look at your schedule. One of the simplest and very productive ways is to marry your to-do list with your calendar, does it align with your goals?

Ensure you schedule has at least couple of things on your calendar that is aligned to your life goals, and allocate 20-30% more time than you think you need to complete a task aligned to your goal. That way, once you get to a task you stay with it for long enough and complete it. And also eliminates the unwanted clutter of a long to-do list (without committed time for the day/week) and the guilt that comes along with it at the end of the day or week for not being able to get thru the list.

As you schedule and commit time for the tasks aligned to your life goals, at least you have a basic structure in place on an hourly/daily/weekly basis that acts like a prompt. And by the way, your hours, days, weeks becomes your life ultimately.

Let me share a story

There was this young air force officer, in his early 30's, he was married and with two kids and he was posted far away from the hometown where his wife and kids live. He did not want to move them along with him owing to the number of moves he had to make owing to his job commitments of serving in the air force.

So ultimately he decided he will ask his department to depute him to his hometown (as there was an airbase close to the hometown) for a couple of years, so he can live with family and spend time with wife and his young kids for some time.

He kept writing a postcard, and express his need to transfer him to the hometown.. as he did not get a positive response from his superiors, he kept writing these letters every day, and he kept at it, patiently for days, weeks, which converted to months now, and ultimately a whole year. Every day the whole ritual of postcard became the sought after ritual for him as he would visualize one day, the transfer would come thru and he will move to his hometown. But at the same time, he did not get discouraged for not getting the response for the whole year.

Ultimately after a year, he did get a letter deputing him to his hometown. And this is the story of my father who transformed his life from humble beginnings of a farmer's son, being the first educated child of his family and taking the entire responsibility upon himself to find means for his education and joining the air force to serve the nation.

The context here is how long you are willing to stick to your goal and pursue it relentlessly. And continue to execute those daily actions that are aligned with your goals.

"If you work on something important for 20 years, it will transform everything around you."-Dan Sullivan

You don't have to prove it to anyone or show this to anyone, this is for yourself. Have complete clarity on what are a couple of things in your life, both professional, personal/family life that you are trying to achieve, and relentless about the pursuit, which means you are striving daily progress, thinking about it every day, and trying to do one step forward every day.