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5 Essential Moves to Encourage Millennial Learning

Motivational Learning Strategies for Our Generation Y

5 Essential Moves to Encourage Millennial Learning

Tuesday April 02, 2019,

3 min Read

Millennials as learners

Ever wondered why today’s learners repetitively argue on the traditional learning procedure? Even if the traditional teaching practices have contributed some legends to the world, our millennials refuse to pursue the same on today’s date. Someone said it right, “Time flies faster than we can even realize”.

The generation is changing drastically and everything else should be updated along with time because change is the only constant. The world works with this peculiar theory and each sector is learning to adopt the brainstorming innovations that technology offers daily.

Our millennials want the same with our education system and throw a different approach to learning. When the world is emerging rapidly with the transitions, the millennials choose not to stay back when it comes to their academic cultivation.

Strategies to Teach Generation Y

As a matter of fact, we affectionately call our new tech generation as millennials. Some of us have also populated them as ‘Generation Y’, as they are all born between 1980’s to 2000. As per the recent researchers, there is a huge expectation gap between the fresh learners and the educators; and certain teaching practices can only fill that blank space gradually.

updated learning strategy

·       Study Materials Based on Research

Millennials highly admire the education strategies based on a broad spectrum. As per their perspective, materials that are scattered to stand up to the visual, kinesthetic, and auditory requirements, can only add the utmost values to their future opportunities. More collaboration with peers and less lecture create the ultimate learning environment for them; and group projects are the extra additions to their authentic learning strategy.

·       Relevance with the Reality

Today’s generation Y is high-skilled aces at discovering and mostly googling. They don’t give entry to any illogical fact that has absolutely no relevance with their personal or professional lives. Mostly, the application-based case studies and practical research work attract their attention to get their hands on and let them gain some real-experience through group collaboration. Therefore, the eLearning environment can be the best classroom for them to evaluate the relevance of the materials.

·       Hypothetical Treatment

Baby boomers responded pretty well with the authoritarian teaching procedure, as they were okay with the following of commands. On the other side, the millennials were born with a different perspective in an open environment where they learned to go for the justification before accepting a prompt. The socio-emotional rationale and flexibility emerge behind the fresh ideas when it comes under the expectations of our millennials. So they respond in a positive manner when regulations are implemented in the educational environment.

·       Space for Personal Communication

This generation Y strive on one to one communication. They have grown up alongside the complete attention of their parents and a friendly atmosphere at home. So building a strong rapport with the millennials can be quite easy if you take the initiative as a guide. They genuinely appreciate initiatives from their instructors to communicate with them personally and understand their achievement objectives and development strategies.

·       Relaxed and Creative Environment

Stay laid back when you’re in a training session with our millennials. Generation Y believes in a relaxed and comfortable atmosphere in the classroom. Getting ample time for writing essays, group discussions, the inclusion of creativity, and freedom of speech are immensely preferred by these millennials. Putting that extra pressure of studies can turn them in another way around and destroy their natural instincts from the core.

Finally, all set for them to co-operate with your teaching methods and materials with core attention and revert with their gained expertise.