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How to Build LinkedIn Sales Funnel for Allbound Marketing

LinkedIn is a fast-growing B2B platform for marketing. Step-by-step guidance is indeed for leveraging it to its full potential. It starts with building a personal brand and gaining trust. And, every entrepreneur can skyrocket the conversions through a systematic approach.

How to Build LinkedIn Sales Funnel for Allbound Marketing

Thursday November 19, 2020,

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LinkedIn has reported that 660 million people are currently using this platform in over 200 countries. This means that by not leveraging this powerful B2B platform, you are missing out on millions of opportunities that could help you grow your business.

So what’s the big deal about LinkedIn? Let’s find out!

Why LinkedIn is Important for the Growth of Your Company?

In this section, I will explain why LinkedIn is an important social media channel for your business.

1.      To Drive Conversions Through Search Engines

Google ranks LinkedIn pages in search engines. So optimizing your LinkedIn page should be a key piece of your marketing strategy.

2.      To Run Advertisements that are Targeted to Customers

You can run advertisements on LinkedIn through a well optimized page. Also, there are specific platforms for ads. LinkedIn marketing solutions platform is best to manage and run campaigns by controlling your ad budget and monitoring your ad performance.

3.      To Hire the Best Employees

There are several LinkedIn platforms that serve different purposes. You may use LinkedIn Recruiter to look for the best employees.

The LinkedIn algorithm will fetch you profiles that match your search based on the three categories which are, job title, the location where the job is based, the skills both technical and transferable relevant to the job.

We have seen the important reasons why you should give space to LinkedIn in your company’s marketing strategy.

Now, let me show you how to execute the strategy in the best way.

How to Build A Sales Funnel Through LinkedIn?

LinkedIn App UI

As you might already know, a sales funnel is a step-by-step mechanism that helps you to get your future buyer one step closer to your product and a purchase option through a series of marketing actions. Here’s the catch. LinkedIn can act as very good sales funnel.

Yes, you will figure that out by the end of the section.

1.      Have a Lucrative Plan

Before you do anything on LinkedIn, plan and schedule everything you are going to do for at least a month. That will give you a sense of direction to stay on the track. The upcoming sections will discuss the activities to be done.

2.          Set up Your LinkedIn Profile

This is the most important step in execution. You should first make an individual profile by filling all the sections.

According to LinkedIn, pages that are fully complete get 30% more views. So, to reach out to more customers who would be interested to know about your product and services, it's worth optimizing your profile.

The main areas where your focus should go point blank are,

  • The Visual Center- The visual center of your profile is of extreme importance. Be it the LinkedIn page of your company or individual account. All components of the visual center should be personalized and targeted to your audience. Provide the best profile picture, banner photo, and professional headline.
  • Create a Conversational and Targeted Summary- This section should highlight your strengths and how you/ your services could be a valuable asset to the customers.
  • Pay Attention to Your Experience Section- Include all the collaborations, patents, innovations you have received on behalf of your company.
  • Work on Your Endorsements and Recommendations- Reach out to your network to get recommendations. Also, get it from people who have managed you and worked with you. Remember you get what you give.

Now you have your profile ready to show the professional world. Next is building up a personal brand for you.

3.      Build Your Personal Brand

After you set up your profile, the next step is to build your personal brand. Build a pod like structure on your profile, post a lot of strategic content, monitor, scale and sell it off.

Just go through the profiles of successful professionals in your niche to learn how they have done it. That’s the way to go.

As per LinkedIn reports, only less than 10% of people will see every post of yours. So its best to post consistently. 3 to 4 times a week is great and every day is ideal.

The content should be made strategically that can squeeze enthusiasm through pictures, stats, quotes, thoughts, questions or videos.

4.      Engage Aggressively

This is the fun part. Along with consistent effort in posting, actively participate in others’ posts as well. Post your views on what they share and give your feedback on their product/ services in comments.

5.      Build Organic Following

Building followers in LinkedIn

Send targeted connection requests to people related to your realm. Thus create a very strong network of people. If you post regular contents and engage very actively, the network will automatically explode to big numbers. The pace is in your hands.

1.      Make a LinkedIn Page for Company and Navigate to Your Website

After building a personal brand and having a sufficient following, the next step is to make a LinkedIn page for your company. Fill in all the areas as I discussed in the personal profile section.

Produce strategized content that reflects the brand value of your product/ service.

There are three types of content that you can use in your company page.

1.      Corporate Content- Contents that share the wins of your company and updates on what is going on with employees and business.

2.      Thought Leadership- Content that shows the vision of your company. Explain how you help your customers navigate the complex challenges and share the solutions.

3.      Have Others Talk About You- Get people to talk about how amazing your services are. Always keep the bond with your clients and stakeholders so that they shall do it with pleasure.

Now, remember to use hashtags to amplify whatever you say and tag people properly. Once your posts start to resonate with your audience, you can leverage your best performing organic content for paid ads.

Gone are the days of traditional marketing. It’s high time that you exploited the best platforms like LinkedIn that can potentially redefine your marketing strategies through all bound marketing.

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