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5 Expert Tips for Selling On eBay

eBay Tips That Will Work

5 Expert Tips for Selling On eBay

Thursday July 18, 2019,

5 min Read

We all are aggressively cutting costs and focusing on earning more, but does earning more is applicable on eBay? The question is how much can you earn on eBay? This is the place where people sell their stuff on a regular basis.

Is the website worth the effort, or is it a complete waste of time and money to sell below the market value. There are 5 key points that will help you earn more and answer all your questions.

1.        Images

Like it is said that, the first impression is the last impression, this is why images are very important; they are the first thing a customer looks on your product listings. So make sure you upload many images and they are at their best.

While selecting an image to upload keep two things in mind:

•          Quality: The pictures are not at all blurry, and they should give a professional look. Always take a picture with a flat or neutral background. The lighting is perfect, so that it highlights the product well. The picture may not be perfect but it should reflect its quality.

•          Quantity: eBay allows 12 photos free. Hence uploading many images should not be a problem. If your product requires more images, you can always use third party tools for help.

2.        Write irresistible product descriptions

Product Description

A good description is the perfect combination of copy writing and selling. It is never enough to just describe your product. One needs to prove points on why your product is better than the others and why is it perfect for your target audience.

One needs to sell the product benefits instead of its features.

For example: If you are selling a bed, writing about bed's features like springs or frame will not help. You need to mention the features as customers are more interested with how much comfort the bed will provide for a good sleep.

Before writing question yourself, what your target audience is looking for? What is the key point they are struggling with? How is your product solving and meeting their needs? A few more points to consider:

•          Completeness: Make sure you fill all the fields in the listing, and your description should give every possible detail about the product. Put yourself in buyer’s shoes and then think that if you were planning to spend 2000 Rs for a product on eBay, then you would want to know every detail. Even if it has repetitive points, you need valid description to trust the product you are buying.

•          Search Optimization: Use proper targeted keywords properly in your title and description both. The more apt you are with the search query the more your product is visible. If your product is a brand, do not forget to mention the brand name as then probably your audience will be searching the brand and not the product.

3.        Time your listing well

Time Your Listing

There are two kinds when we talk about list timing:

•          Shorter duration: A 3-5 days listings would give a sense of urgency. This will give you a lot of business and sales.

•          Longer duration: The longer is your listing, the more opportunity you have for sales as it gives more time to buyers to bid on it.

It is wise to choose a longer duration listing. A 10-day listing starting on a Thursday and giving a 2-weekend exposure will help you maximum visibility leading to sales as weekends has the maximum eyeballs.

4.        Avoid reserve prices

Reserve price means the minimum amount a seller can set for his product. If an auction is over without any bids then the seller does not have to sell the product.

Maximum time a seller should not use a reserve price. His target should be to make as much money as he can, so that he reduces the amount of upfront money he needs to pay. This can be done by using a low price at the starting. This makes the seller stand at par in competition with the others. As a selling, a product on low price is better than not selling at all.

5.        Find your niche and own it.

Find your target customer and research deeply. People believe that choosing target customers limits your audience but that is not the case, as it gives you the focus points to set your offers.

For example: if your product is fitness coaches, what will benefit you more?

•          The coach who promises everyone that working out will make everyone healthier.

•          The coach who promises women a flat stomach in just 3 months.

The second statement is definitely more powerful, this is why we need to set our niche. The more specific a seller is there are more chances of selling. Then you can charge more.

Hope you liked all these points and now you can optimize you eBay listings and can earn more money.