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5 Influencer Marketing Tactics to Build Brand Awareness

Want to increase the awareness of your brand? Here are 5 essential influencer marketing tactics that will help you build ultimate brand awareness.

5 Influencer Marketing Tactics to Build Brand Awareness

Tuesday August 20, 2019,

3 min Read

Influence today allows your company to improve sales, connect with new audience and strengthen your brand recognition.

According to Linqia State of Influencer Marketing, influencers marketing strategies result in over 60% success when it comes to improving engagement, impressions and brand recognition. That is why according to the same source ‘90 % of companies invested mostly into influencer marketing in 2019’.

Let us have a look at 5 influencer marketing tactics and strategies that can truly connect your brand with your target audience and thus result in building brand awareness.


Broaden Your Sphere of Influence

It will be of great help to create brand awareness among various audience groups. Do not limit your company to few influencers only. Try to build a network of influencers to broaden your sphere of impact. Consequently, you will improve your brand visibility that in turn will help catch consumers’ interest.

Benefit from Cooperation with Micro-Influencers

As you know, any influencer today shape opinions and behaviour. Tons of people rely on what their beloved bloggers say, as they trust their expertise. What is more, it is better to engage micro-influencers for several reasons. Firstly, it is cheaper. Secondly, micro-influencers specialize in one particular field, and they are passionate about it. As a result, people see micro-influencers as more reliable and authentic. Thirdly, the communication between the audience and micro-influencers is better. Consequently, it will be easier to connect your brand with the target audience.

Reward Committed Followers

People like individualism and exclusiveness. It is truly a great marketing method to reward committed followers with some exclusive discounts or promo codes. These people will be more eager to engage with an influencer, and as a result will want to engage with your brand more. In addition to this, statistically people like to share things they win and achieve, so you will increase your brand visibility as well.

Don’t Be Greedy with Giveaways

Another marketing tactic that never goes out of fashion is giving out some free stuff. By this means, you increase brand visibility, reach to the new audience and finally drive awareness. While competing over some valuable prize from your company, you better brand awareness by people tagging their friends and signing up for your social media accounts.

Think of Collaboration to Create Original Products

The last tactic to use is to cooperate with influencers not only to promote existing services and products, but to develop something together. Such collaboration may appeal to your audience, and influencer’s followers will get to know about your brand. It goes without saying that nothing sparks interest and trust in a product better than influencer’s touch.


With the rising demand for influencer marketing it is vital to learn about all the existing tactics and methods that you can use to build ultimate brand awareness. Millions of people are watching influencers unpacking, trying out food at the new restaurants, and receiving gifts from brands. Followers want to imitate their influencers and want to have what influencers have. For this reason, any brand should not hesitate to invest their money into successful influencer marketing.

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