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5 Interesting Jobs You Can Do to Fund Your New Business

5 Interesting Jobs You Can Do to Fund Your New Business

Tuesday January 08, 2019,

5 min Read

You have a great business idea and a solid business and marketing plan and all you need is some funds to get your startup off the floor. Well, besides the traditional funding sources (like borrowing from your parents and friends, crowdfunding, angel investments or taking bank loans), you may also consider working on a few part-time jobs to earn some quick money for your new venture.

Here are some time-tested side-jobs that can help you earn money to invest in your own business:

1. Drive for Uber

Louis Ashner, who developed and founded NoPass in 2014 and sold it in 2015, worked as an Uber driver while he was studying at the Louisiana State University. NoPass was a system that eliminated the use of passwords on the Internet. It employed the used of Touch ID technology available on all iPhones (after the iPhone 5s model) to authenticate the user on a supported website.

To drive for Uber, all you need is a smartphone, a car, and a valid driving license. The app-based transportation service allows you to set your own schedule and is not too mentally challenging. It means that if you are a budding entrepreneur, being an Uber driver might be the right job for you. And who knows, you might be able to use this opportunity as a networking opportunity and find connections.

2. Help students in your area of expertise

Like Uber, an assignment writing service platform also allows you to set your own working hours. You have the choice of which projects you would like to work on – depending on which industry you want to enter and of course, your area of expertise.

A business consultant, who also provides assignment help in Australia, shared on the promise of anonymity, “I like to work on assignments for students for several reasons. Firstly, it helps me earn good money doing what I always loved – researching, writing, and solving problems. Secondly, it allows me a chance to help university students in the way I always wished to be helped as a student. Besides providing assignment assistance to students to allow them to overcome their immediate problems, I also make sure that the students I work for really learn more about the topic. Lastly, I get exposed to a variety of problems in my industry. I get a chance to incorporate these researches into my business plans and build a stronger company.”

Another expert who provides nursing assignment help to students said that his side job connected him with several people who later ended up as his business partners, employers, and even as clients to his main business of providing daycare nursing services to terminally-ill patients.

3. Freelance Consultant

Jason Quey launched his first venture at the age of 22. By the end of the first year, his footwear and clothing line generated revenue of more than 211,000 dollars. Quey later revealed that his entrepreneurial success can be attributed to his work as a freelance marketing consultant which allowed him to test his innovative ideas on different kinds of projects and achieve great results for the clients.

Freelance consulting or blogging is a great way to earn by offering your expert advice to clients. Another way of sharing your expertise today is to offer online courses on popular learning platforms. The work behind these jobs allows you to conduct in-depth studies, back up your research with data and facts, and produce actionable content.

4. Virtual Assistance Services

Virtual assistance and remote working are in vogue now. You can find virtual jobs in your area of expertise and earn good money from the comfort of your home. You can work as an administrative assistant, HR recruiter, travel agent, programmer, or accountant. In fact, you can choose to work in whichever area you need to polish your skills.

Working online (from home or your makeshift office) allows you to take calls, answer emails, and book tickets on the go. Spare time is a boon for a budding entrepreneur and you can use it to build your own business.

Moreover, many of these virtual jobs pay quite well which makes for a decent income during the time you are still nurturing your baby business.

5. Unorthodox Jobs work

Jon Colgan, the founder of Cell Breaker (a Fintech startup), is the epitome of unorthodoxy. As a bootstrapper, he performed as a musician at restaurants, bars, weddings, and other events. What's more! He also sold vermicompost (and worms) on Craigslist. According to Jon, "If worms are happy, their populations double in just 90 days."

If you have unusual interests or a heart of an artist too, you can always put your talents to earn some extra income to fund your dream startup. In the end, it only matters how committed you are to fulfill your dream and how far you are ready to go to make it come true.

Information provided by Nursing Assignment Help Expert, Dr. Emily Jackson, working with GoAsignmentHelp as a since one year as a senior academic counsellor & Assignment Helper.