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5 Lessons to Learn from Philanthropreneur Roy Tabet

5 Lessons to Learn from Philanthropreneur Roy Tabet

Monday July 27, 2020,

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Roy Tabet

How to define life after success? Some many articles and blogs deal in detail on how to be successful in life, but none of them tells how to view success or what to do after being successful? Successful life is not only about doing well at work or earning a handsome amount of salary.

Professional accomplishments are just one piece of the puzzle, it leaves behind many other important aspects of life. Family, relationships, academics, and society are just a few to name. The definition of success varies from individual to individual, however, in layman terms, it means a happy, healthy, loved, safe, and contented life.

Many successful entrepreneurs use success as an opportunity to do something good for the world so that they are remembered posthumously. These legendary icons go beyond their limits by simply donating money and time. They have come up with some innovative ways to help others and develop the society as a whole.

It's easy to make promises but super easy to break especially when it comes to helping someone. But one such person who has gone beyond limits to help society is Roy Tabet - an entrepreneur and philanthropist from Lebanon. He has been selflessly working for the society by contributing his finances in various fields such as healthcare, education, jobs creation, to name a few.

The following article deals in detail with five lessons we can learn from the life of Philanthropreneur Roy Tabet:

Development of Society - Poverty is a tragic condition that has affected millions of people globally. Many struggles to even provide the basic necessities to their families. With time, the rates of poverty are declining across the globe. Thanks to the advent of government reforms as well as the successful people who each month or year contribute a section of their income for the development of society and upliftment of these below line poverty people. However, still millions of people live in poverty. You can help develop society in many ways, such as volunteering, helping an individual, educating somebody, and donating.

Development of Culture - When you become successful, you feel an urge to travel. When you travel, you get to discover different cultural quirks. Cultures can sometimes vary drastically, so it is advised not to behave rudely, instead accept the same with open arms. If you think that something is not rightly followed in that culture, you can put your word of suggestion politely. Travelling and observing the cultures followed by different people across the world is a very significant experience and a memoir that you will cherish for the lifetime. Having differences is vital, it helps you understand your way of life more.

Development of Human Skills - People are born equal and everyone has the same right to realize their potential as a human being. Hence, human development remains an important tool to let everyone live an equal life accessing all services and opportunities. Successful people strive hard to build analytical capacity in societies around the world. This, in turn, helps marginalized people gain more influence on decisions they take in regards to their future. In short, human development initiatives that have been taken so far by the allied class of people is an inspiration for many others to improve the living condition of everyone.

Development of Family - Being successful is not limited to only spending time thinking of the ways to make more money. Instead, it also means to spend time with your family, your kids, your wife, and your parents. Nevertheless, they are the biggest strength of support behind your success. You may never know, but they are the ones who have sacrificed their night’s sleep and happiness, just to see you coming out flying with bright colors. Likewise you, your family, friends and relatives admire your success but at the same time, they look for opportunities to celebrate with you. Therefore, they are the ones who should be your first priority ever.

Traveling across the globe - If you need any more excuse to escape the daily monotonous routine, embark on a journey to another country, without thinking too much. According to many research, successful people who believe in traveling are some of the most knowledgeable humans on earth. Also when you travel, you gain an insight into the country, its people, its culture, its history and whatnot. These things affect you and your thinking in a lot many ways. And in some way or the other, you try to implement whatever positive you’ve learned in your personal life and professional life.