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5 Major Improvements to ERP Solutions in the Last Few Years

We look at the top five improvements that an ERP software solutions company has usually made in the last few years to these software

5 Major Improvements to ERP Solutions in the Last Few Years

Tuesday February 12, 2019,

3 min Read

Innovative ideas and technologies are being developed by Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) vendors on a regular basis to make business decisions more efficient. Since it is critical to stay abreast of efficiencies that technology can generate, we have seen significant advances in ERP over the last 5 or so years.


We look at the top five improvements that an ERP software solutions company has usually made in the last few years to these software.

#1: ERP Solutions Moving to the Cloud

One of the major advances has been the switch to the cloud. Businesses have taken to this technology for a number of reasons. For instance, cloud technology offers better security features through regular testing for possible vulnerabilities. They also make data backup an easy process. This technology also offers anytime-anywhere access to particular information and eliminates the requirement of additional server or storage hardware. Needless to say, more and more businesses are switching to cloud-based ERP systems at present for better and smoother work process.

#2: More Options for Small Businesses

There were limited options for small and medium-sized businesses a few years back. However, in the last few years, there have been more ERP solutions meant for small businesses. From industry-specific to niche software, there are ERP solutions that take care of a business depending on its size, industry and so on. Small and mid-sized businesses now have some great options to choose from. In fact, they have the ability to customise ERP software. For instance, a self-drive car rental software can now take care of every aspect from customer to driver in addition to enabling better resource planning. Companies can also customise it to include larger fleets, derive more data and so on.

self-drive car

self-drive car rental software

#3: Integration Period is Now Shorter

Integration was a big concern for both vendors and clients. However, this problem has been resolved in the last few years. An ERP solutions provider now makes every possible effort to shorten this integration period. For instance, interfaces are faster, cleaner and more accurate now. Simultaneously, it has decreased the costs of setup and improved the effectiveness of ERP systems.


#4: Improved Data Security

Security is among the biggest concerns for businesses at present. Since data breaches are a major issue, ERP software companies have put quite some effort and time in providing top-notch protection for confidential data along with highly advanced encryption, permission protocols and firewalls. Due to these improvements, ERP systems today are safer than ever before.


#5: Big Data is Actually a ‘Big’ Thing

In the last few years, we have seen a huge push to include big data in ERP solutions. The reason for this is quite simple. Big data has the potential to become a game changer by providing accurate predictive analytics and shortening the decision-making process. In addition, it allows businesses to effectively and easily track detailed data which results in smoother processes, enhanced productivity and better service delivery quality.

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