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5 Reasons Why Entrepreneurs Should Take a Road Trip

5 Reasons Why Entrepreneurs Should Take a Road Trip

Friday March 08, 2019,

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Road Trip

Travelling, or for that matter any other hobby, is often considered a waste of time in entrepreneurial circles. If you have time, why not spend it on the company's growth and development? This, however, is not the right way to look at things. Travelling is a great activity and has a number of benefits. For an entrepreneur, it has a lot to offer.

New experiences change the way you think

Entrepreneurs always think that there are not a lot of new experiences they can have if they go out. However, this is probably the classic case of 'You don't know that you don't know'. New people. New language. New culture. New place. Think about the kind of novelties you will face and the number of new things you can really learn.

However, just having new experiences is not the point here. It is about new experiences due to your brain. Over a period of time, they will change the way you think. You will find new ways of doing things, different kinds of cultures, different settings and environments. Your brain will become more malleable and open to new ideas.

Learn to deal with a diverse set of people

While travelling, you will often face two distinct sets of people. One would be natives of the place that you visit and the other would be your travel mates. Both of them have the potential to teach you a lot. Natives are different people who have been bought up in a different way. However, you would still need their help for exploring the place in detail. Hence, you will learn to understand them and get things done.

Travel mates as special learning sources because you cannot do anything about them. It is like handling your employees. You can fire them for sure but it is better not to as it will lead to training costs for the company and additional inconveniences. Travel mates are similar. Also, if you pick the right mates, you get to learn a lot from being with them.

A great stress buster

Try this. Hire a bike rental and go visit the place you want. It will freshen up your brain like nothing else. Entrepreneurs need to understand that they are going through a tough phase. Elon Musk once said that entrepreneurship is like eating glass while looking through a long unending abyss. They need to keep themselves cheered up too.

Plus, stress buster will make you more efficient and open all your creative outlets. Any seasoned entrepreneur will know how important this is to the business as a whole. In today’s competitive era, it is all about delivering creative solutions and finding out of the box ideas. Otherwise, survival can become difficult.

Gives you time away from the office

We understand what entrepreneurs are like. If they are anywhere within 5 kilometers of their office, all they can ever think about is their company and their work. This is a great quality without a doubt. However, beyond a point, it can actually become counterproductive.

It narrows down your world to a few things only. While that is great for focusing on specific things and getting them off the ground, it is not good for the long run. When you are so far away from the office, your brain instantly starts thinking about other things which will go a long way in ensuring sustainable growth.

Find new ideas

Last but not least, you get a number of new ideas while travelling. In fact, when you travel, you are experiencing one of the biggest industries on this planet firsthand. So many entrepreneurs end up going for travel based ventures.

When you are travelling, you are building things from scratch. Need food? You would think about a food delivery application. Need a hotel? You would think about the property market and an easily accessible database of available properties. Need transportation? You will think about bike sharing and cab hailing services. So many big ideas come up right in front of you which you otherwise would not have thought of.


Travelling is always a good idea. As we can see from the above points, it is a fantastic concept for entrepreneurs too. Also, if you feel that you are short on time, you do not have to start a world tour. Start with small things. Go to a nearby destination or a nearby coastal town and get started. You feel find the grand excitement of travel will itself drive you after that.