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5 trends that will stun the ecommerce industry in 2019!

5 trends that will stun the ecommerce industry in 2019!

Thursday January 31, 2019,

5 min Read

Ecommerce industry is getting hotter and hotter with each passing day. Starting from the number of ecommerce companies being incepted to the number of people using ecommerce sites, ecommerce industry is continuously stepping up the ladder of success. Every year brings something special for the ecommerce world. Be it the new technology or the new set of features that ecommerce site owners can add to their site. There is a lot which is being invented for the ecommerce industry, as the world knows how lucrative ecommerce industry is, and is going to be!

  • Rampant use of Artificial Intelligence and Big Data

One of the major expectations from any industry, including the world of ecommerce is increased use latest technologies like AI. Ecommerce is all about digital presence, and one of the best ways to grow and expand an ecommerce busies is by integrating the latest technology. Therefore, more and more ecommerce companies are interested in using more AI. Which means, in the year 2019, we can see the applications of machine learning and AI go beyond product recommendation. Also, more utilization of chatbots can be expected. In fact, many merchants have already started using personalization communications, and they have enjoyed a profit of around 6% to 10%. When it comes to Big Data, companies are already using it to some extent, but now, Big Data analysis is going to be a top priority, as the data sources are also increasing. And, companies have realized the importance of Big Data finding. In fact, Artificial Intelligence centered ads which amalgamate with content are growing already, and the trend is going to get hotter!

  • Mobile-friendly is the new In!

Though, mobiles have already become quite popular, but now, we can say that the use of mobile is growing like no one has thought of, and it is only expected to grow. The number of people who would be using a mobile device to explore your website and buy are going to grow. Also, there is a high demand of mobile apps also. So, make sure you ecommerce has a mobile app and it is evolved regularly to meet the current demands of the audience. Amplified use of mobiles, and the development of mobile friendly apps and websites are two of the major trends to look for in 2019!

  • Marketing Automation

Automation is the new trend, demand and expectation in the corporate world. And, now, there are several tools which help the ecommerce sites to automate marketing as well. Automation of the marketing activities include things like scheduling the posts that you do on social media platforms or even the email campaigns etc. Therefore, we can expect the ecommerce owners to use marketing automation tools more often, after all, marketing a very important element to focus on in order to become successful in this competitive environment. From specifically customized landing pages to sending out personalized emails to the customers, marketing automation goes way beyond just scheduling social media posts.

  • A strong focus on user experience

User experience matters a lot for any ecommerce, as the customer can only assess you based on the website you own. Therefore, make sure the user experience that you offer to your audience is superb. Also, user experience is all the more important as competition is growing immensely. So, if a visitor would not like the appeal of your app or site, or if you website or app is going to take a lot of time to load then he or she won’t even think twice before moving to your competitor. Platforms like Magento 2 eCommerce Development have made it very easy to build superb ecommerce sites, and it offers ease of modifying the site without any hassle as well.

  • Augmented Reality

AR is already being used by some of the ecommerce giants. However, now we can see more common and valuable integrations of Augmented Reality and Virtual reality in the ecommerce world. Many ecommerce firms are considering offering topnotch AR and VR options to their customers, just to gain an extra edge over the competition. The best example of the effective use of AR is by IKEA. They are offering a powerful AR mobile application to their target audience, which is absolutely thrilling. So, now, using this app, you can easily place 3D items in your home. Also, the best part about this application is that all the items are sized appropriately, so that you can make a fair assessment of whether the furniture or any other product will fit into the space or not!

Ecommerce business is not going to slow down anytime sooner. But, the competition is growing immensely, so the firms have to be pepped up to make the cut. Therefore, every ecommerce has to make sure that they are trying their best to follow the top ecommerce trends of 2019!