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I’m not missing out on the online market anymore

The story is all about the starting of my online business.

I’m not missing out on the online market anymore

Tuesday May 23, 2017,

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My business isn’t large, but I’ve got a few employees and a nice shop in town. People trust me and say I am an honest salesman. Considering I sell phones and electronics, that’s a rare compliment! It took me some time to realize that even though I was successful, I was actually missing out on a lot of business.

In my industry, a lot of people like to compare prices online and see what each shop offers before they make a final purchase. I had a website back then, but I didn’t pay too much attention to it. Basically, I thought of my website as a place where people would get my contact information and directions. If they wanted to know anything, they would call, right?

But, times have changed a lot. I didn’t realize just how much people want to see a complete, polished website for a shop, especially an electronics shop. Today’s buyers are thriftier and want to know what they can expect before they go through the doors of any business. This is really true if they’re looking for a phone, since there are so many different kinds and everyone seems to sell them at a different price.

It wasn’t until I went and met with a few of my friends for dinner that I realized my mistake. My friends also have their own businesses, although they don’t sell electronics. One of my friends started telling us about this very big order he had received online that was really going to give his store a boost. I didn’t know if I could believe it at first, but he is a reliable person, so I asked him what he meant about getting an order online.

Until that point I had thought of myself as a progressive businessman! My friends were really asking me how I ran my business without a proper website. I felt embarrassed to admit that I had been doing it all wrong from what they were explaining. All the benefits of a good website made me eager to get back to work and see what I could do to improve my own. That way, I might also get a huge order online and tell them about it!

They made it sound so easy to set up a more advanced website with an online store and everything, but I found it really difficult. Once I got started working on my site, I could tell that I wasn’t going to be able to do much on my own. Everything I did just looked sloppy and unprofessional. That was not the image I was looking to give my business.

I checked online to see if I could find a program that would help me refine my website. Most of what I found were a lot of pricey packages that were way more than I needed and a lot more than I could afford. But, when I was getting a bit frustrated and asked for advice, my friend told me he had made his website with SITE123.

It’s a very intuitive service that lets me do everything I need to without charging too much money. I don’t have to know about coding or all that confusing stuff either and I can still make a really fantastic website. Now that I’ve used it and got my site up and running, I’ve already made a few sales from people who found me online. Now I’m not missing out on any more opportunities for my business to thrive! Hopefully I’ll catch onto the next online trends sooner!

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Image by pixbay