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How to Prepare for AWS certification and Boost your Career?

The AWS Certification exam guide gives you an idea about the areas that you need to concentrate on while preparing for the exam.

How to Prepare for AWS certification and Boost your Career?

Monday July 15, 2019,

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You might have read piles of books till now, or you might be the one from a technical background, and obviously, now you must be looking to get a badge of AWS. The best way to prepare for the certification is to prepare through practical experience.

Examination Scenario

  • 55 Multiple Choice Questions
  • 80 minutes
  • 65 is the Pass Percentage 

Keep this in mind, for MCQ’s based test, Questions might be easy, or you might have read them before, but the answers are always tricky. This is the major reason for the examinees to indulge in confusion while giving the right answer. In this post, we are going to discuss winning tips following which you can attain your AWS badge successfully and will give you a step ahead to boost your career.

Give yourself enough time

  • AWS Cloud Practitioner Requisites: This certification includes cloud concepts, AWS services, pricing, architecture, security, and support
  • AWS Technical Requisites: The certification informs you about AWS services, products, and some ordinary solutions. It makes you more efficient in analyzing AWS services so that you may be able to resolve IT issues. It allows you to learn new skills and implement them in your business.
  • AWS Business Requisites: AWS Business Essentials helps you to know the benefits of cloud computing, including financial profits and how a cloud approach helps you to attain business goals. Also, this course informs you about security and compliance concepts and helps you understand the AWS cloud computing approach.

Find study buddy

Get around yourself and search for the study buddy for you. Look at your workplace, online communities, social media, meetups, etc. to find your study buddy. Based on your interests and preferences, studying with your buddy may help to achieve your goal together. A little healthy and amiable competitiveness will push you to do your best.

Learn the basics

AWS certification starts from the foundation level and goes up to specialization. Collect the study materials, read them thoroughly, and start your preparation through the study material for each subject.

Do the labs

It is tempting to power through yourself all the theory material and come back to the labs later, but it is more productive to do the labs immediately after learning the relative theory. While the exams don’t have any labs, using the labs to get firsthand experience applying the theory may improve your mental model and make it easier to recall the material.

Don’t expect to see the same questions you studied in the actual exam

Examination anxiety can cause a host of problems in students. Also, preparing for the test gives stress as a check to see how well you remember the chapter you have studied. Practicing the same questions over and over again will really benefit a candidate, but you must not expect to see the same questions in the actual exam. Never! But yes, you must examine sample questions.

Read AWS Certification Exam Guide

The AWS Certification exam guide gives you an idea about the areas that you need to concentrate on while preparing for the exam. The exam guide will provide you an overview of all the exam objectives with the preparation instructions. You just need to follow them with a proper dedication to passing the certification exam.

Get familiar with the subject area

The curriculum of the AWS certification exam is divided into four subject areas. Each of the subject areas covers many certain topics. These may include-

Cloud Concepts

To pass the certification in AWS, you are required to have basic knowledge of Cloud Computing Concepts. Cloud concept domain covers a total of 28% of the total area. It may include-

  • Elasticity
  • Scalability
  • High Availability
  • Fault Tolerance


Security is marked as an important topic if you are working with infrastructure or not. The examination pattern includes a range of questions related to security. The security domain covers 24% of the total area. It covers topics like-

  • Cloud Logs
  • DDoS Protection
  • Shared Security Model
  • Managing users, Password Policies, and MFA



Technology is said to be the most important domain in AWS certification. You are required to know about core AWS services. It is found that it covers 36% of the total area. Some topics may be-

  • EC2
  • RDS
  • SNS
  • ELB
  • S3
  • Lambda
  • Route 53

Billing and Pricing

The certification exam concentrates on the business application of AWS. You must have knowledge of general accounting, AWS support, how specific services are billed, how to calculate the total cost of services and using what tools, etc. This domain covers a total of 12% of the area.

Don’t hit submit until you’re sure

While taking the exam, if you click Submit on a question, the answer zips off to the server, and you can’t change it. You may skip around through questions and, as long as you don’t submit them, come back to answer them when you’re ready. If you select an option for a question, though, you can’t skip to another question until you’ve cleared that option.

Search for Mock tests

If you want to perform well, you should practice through the free AWS Certification practice exam as these tests contain actual exam structure and contents. You may also try some full-length practice tests as they are more beneficial to find out your weak areas and make improvements on them.

Think about the options

Have some patience and make sure you are reading the questions and options closely. The format of the exam is MCQ’s, and the answer can be similar to the given options. In such cases, read the question closely, picked up on keywords, and try to eliminate the options that weren’t the answer.

Wrapping Up:

Professionals get smart paychecks when they value their AWS certification. AWS Cloud Practitioner is considered as a foundation level for the higher level certifications. The average salary for a cloud practitioner certified person is around $113,932. If you are still in a dilemma regarding career opportunities or have any doubt related to your career in cloud computing, Janbask Training is there to chart your further steps. Happy Learning!

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